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Traveling Aesthetic: A Journey of Discovery

At present, the search for the perfect TikTok and Instagram shot looks more major than the journey itself, welcome to the time of aesthetic travel where remembrance takes a backseat to proving people the aesthetics. Thetrend of travel aesthetics online is getting vastly popular, with hashtags including #londonaesthetic and #travelaesthetic adding over 65 million and 40-95 million views, proportionately.

The online trend is getting increasingly big and popular, mainly among Gen Z, who see culture as a thing to be shared at their social media rather than being there and enjoying the culture. Although, this mentality and thinking are leading to a lot of disappointments and even discomfort over time and money, as travelers might become disappointed with the reality of the place they are travelling to, they only go to places for the particular aesthetics.

The travel aesthetic seen on social media is a imagination world and a montage of chosen and selected content that their audience likes to see depending on city to city. The better forms of media including movies, TV, travel guides and magazines have influenced people’s travel decisions so much over the past few years, and now social media has vastly multiplied it.

A classic travel aesthetic post generally includes panoramic views, charming streets, nature’s beauty and iconic landmarks adding with a filter over it. People are generally kept out from video or the picture, only for the basic character of the account that is the account holder. Doesn’t matter whether or not you are aware of the term, you can surely recognize it.

Think of places like the bustling Shibuya Street Crossing of Tokyo, Japan’s cherry blossom line streets, or the white washed buildings of Santorini, Greece. How can we forget the Parisian cobblestone street which is best for a photo just under the Eiffel Tower.

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Social media is vastly inspiring more travelers to visit these locations, only for them to take a real quick picture, create crowd on landmarks, and disturb the enjoyable moments of travelers and locals who come to these cities to soak and learn the culture.

If by any chance the so called trendy and country aesthetic pictures is not your cup of tea, you may want to consider visiting lesser known and cheaper travel destinations. Choosing for under dog locations does not only helps you in saving money, but also allows you to have a valued, authentic and unique travel experience without any disturbance and o called travelers aesthetics.

What is Travel Aesthetics?

Today! in this sentance. if you want to know more about *what is travel aesthetics*? Country aesthetic pictures is a word created by the GenZ’s of our generation, no one actually knows from where this term originally came from. Traveling aesthetic are a thing which is widely followed by the new generations and are making people motivated and inspired to travel to these fancy and over the top and very costly locations just to get a picture of themselves there.

Some people doesn’t even want to click their images, they just tend to go to the place and post the main attractions of the city on their social media account.

traveling aesthetic has catched a very long pace due to social media, and no one thinks or predicts that it is going anywhere anytime soon. Because of the craze created by the term traveling aesthetic, people have forgot to go and enjoy the city’s culture they are attending to, they just go there to show the world and click aesthetic images of things.

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The Gen z’s have created their own fantasy world on social media, travel aesthetic is a combination and mixture of clicked images of areas and places which people would like to see the most. No one is able to get a perfect picture in first go, the photos that you see on their social medias are a post uploaded after taking 500’s of photos and then choosing 1 out of those 500. Places like Paris, mountains, Nashville, Norway, Rajasthan are amongst some of the most aesthetic places to travel to. 

The Traveling Aesthetic: A Guide to the World Around You

The travel aesthetic is something that is created by this generation of Gen Z’s and is populated by social media without any doubt. And I am not saying that I am against it or not. But it is important for the people to understand that going to places and posting 24x7 about their life is not what they need to do and experience.

According to me, if you are going someplace new and spending a big amount of money on your travelling than you should at least take some time out for you and experience and learn about the place’s culture and people. Sit with the new people, talk to them, understand and soak up their things. These things will help you in learning and exploring many things even about yourself.

We think that we know everything about ourselves, like what we want, what we need, etc, but it is not completely true. When you travel to different and new cities and roam on the streets of the cities, meeting new people and understanding their ideology and their work cultures, their languages, their likes, their dislikes, everything, you will surely learn many new things even about yourself.

Sometimes a 4 day trip can change your life completely, the 4 day trip can give you so much happiness and understanding about your own self that you weren’t able to get in your whole past life.

Giving aesthetics out to the world is fine and okay but also take time out for you own self and live a little more.    

What Should I Comment on Vacation Pictures?

We cant deny the fact that because of travel aesthetics being so widely loved and adored on social media has given many people and youngsters a chance to explore and earn some good amount of money for themselves. It has open many job opportunities for the Gen Z’s. many people because of this is living the life independently and the type of life they want without any restrictions and any fear of opinions.

Comment on Vacation Pictures

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There are many comments that you can post on people’s vacations picture, depending on the location of the image, some comments are.

1: Tan always looks good on you

2: OMG, so Jealous of you!

3: Bucket listed!

4: Love to join you in your next adventure

5: How can you stay so fit while having all that unhealthy food on vacations?

What Does Wanderlust Mean in Aesthetic?

Almost every traveler thinks of himself as wanderlust. The googled meaning of wanderlust is, A strong desire to travel and explore the world.

As wanderlust is described as the need to explore and travel the world, the travelers calls and think of themselves as wanderlust. It is one of the most used captions by the travelers, they want to explore the world and show their audience and educate them that how it is to be travelling to this place.

They posts stories and meet new people and tend to learn about their cultures, languages and also their likes and dislikes. And they enjoy and also get paid good to be doing this travelling and then portraying it to the world in a much more edited and perfect manner.