Coliving Spaces In The World

Right now, coworking and coliving spaces are on the rise. Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and other location independent individuals are gravitating to community-style living. It’s simple to see why given the vast number of remote travel positions these days. From South America to Southeast Asia, communal living spaces are becoming an increasingly popular way to live, work, and travel.

Coliving and cohousing offer a way of life that so many of us want (and need). It’s like college or summer camp for adults – having the ability to meet new people, attend group fitness courses, and partake in social activities. Plus, you can save money on rental costs. No need to figure out utilities, purchase furniture, and get tied into long-term contracts.

In addition to all the group fun and networking, the best coliving spaces also offer unique amenities. This includes communal living areas, coworking spaces, fast internet, gyms and fitness studios, and even pools and game rooms. Add to that curated events and group excursions, and you’ll question what’s taken you so long to find a co living space.

What Is Coliving?

Before delving into the best co living companies and locations, let’s briefly explore what coliving is all about.

Coliving is a form of intentional community that is popular among remote workers, travelers, digital nomads, students, and entrepreneurs (among other groups). It provides a collective space where individuals with similar interests can reside, work, and socialize together. This makes it simpler to make new acquaintances in interesting and exotic locations around the globe.

Coliving Communities At A Glance

Coliving accommodation is typically a short-term living arrangement with flexible leases. Digital nomads and location independent laborers will generally reside in a communal place between one month and a year. However, some individuals elect to reside in such communes much longer. The FAQ at the end of this article emphasizes the distinctions between coliving and cohousing spaces.

Some benefits of communal living include furnished spaces, cleaning services, utilities, social activities, and community events. Housing extends from dorm-style accommodations to private residences and high-rise structures. Co-ops and co-housing communities can be multigenerational and vary from city to pastoral living.

8 Finest Coliving Spaces Around The Globe

Looking to locate a coliving space that’s suitable for you? Read on to uncover the most distinctive coliving spaces in the world in 2024.

1. Oceanic Villa in Tenerife, Spain

LUXURY WHITE VILLA with sea view, heated pool, Adeje – Updated 2024 Prices

If you’re a digital nomad or remote worker searching for a co living space, add this oceanfront villa to your wish list. It’s located on Tenerife, the largest and most picturesque of Spain’s Canary Islands.

Accommodating 6 residents, this high-end residence is the optimal site to spend a month or longer. It’s kitted out with a private heated pool, a large terrace with loungers, and workstations with rapid Wi-Fi.

2. Selina in Tulum, Mexico

Live, work, and play together at this shared living space in Tulum. Selina CoLive is situated on the shore with spectacular seafront vistas. It’s a popular place for digital nomads and creatives equally – offering an entertaining retreat that’s ideal for communal living.

In addition to its incredible beachfront accommodations, you’ll also have access to coworking spaces, wellness courses, and other social activities. Selina offers both a hostel and coliving facility, so you’ll encounter fascinating individuals from around the world here.

3. Living the Co Living existence in LA

Dreaming about residing in California? Digital nomads, remote laborers, and other location-flexible individuals will enjoy this coliving space in Los Angeles. Set in a craftsman style house, it’s one of the coziest and most modern residences conceivable.

The house has well-equipped workstations, completely furnished apartments, lounge areas, and 24/7 support with a local community manager.

4. Outpost in Bali, Indonesia

OUTPOST UBUD PENESTANAN COWORKING & COLIVING (Bali) - Hotel Reviews,  Photos, Rate Comparison - Tripadvisor

Keen on investigating one of the top locations for digital nomads? Experience Asia in style from this incredible coliving location in Bali. Outpost has a communal living design like no other – combining the comforts of home with modern coworking spaces and other living areas.

You’ll have three colive destinations to choose from in Canggu and Ubud – each offering comfortable, Balinese-style accommodations, bathing pools, and access to yoga studios. Outpost attracts inquisitive and adventurous individuals from around the world.

5. The Collective in London, UK

Looking for a communal living space in a world class city? The Collective is a standout in the world of coliving spaces, offering a vibrant combination of private and shared living experiences.

Imagine having your own comfortable studio residence while being part of an energetic community. With daily events, you can mingle with an international population, maybe meet your next closest friend or mentor. Their all-inclusive approach takes the burden out of living – one tab covers everything, including cultural events, Wi-Fi, and even laundry.

6. Arctic Coworking Lodge in Lofoten, Norway

Ready for a scenic location in the Arctic Circle? As far as coliving spaces go, this one in Norway is among the finest. Arctic Coworking Lodge is situated between mountains and fjords in one of the most stunning nature locations conceivable. It’s a popular site for surfing, mountain climbing, and hiking (among other outdoor activities).

The coliving amenities here include private and shared dormitories, communal kitchens and living spaces, 10 workstations and 2 meeting rooms, and rapid Wi-Fi. Buy beyond the coliving and working arrangement, this location is within convenient reach of spectacular nature areas. From world-class mountaineering to surfing, every day is genuinely an adventure here.

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7. Selina Atitlan in Guatemala

Selina Atitlan, Panajachel – Updated 2024 Prices

Nestled between the Sierra Madre mountains and Guatemalan Highlands, Lake Atitlán is one of the most stunning locations to reside in the world. This volcanic lake is home to charming Mayan villages, verdant mountains, and some of the finest trekking conceivable. It’s no mystery that this “Eden on Earth” is a magnet for digital nomads and location independent travelers.

Selina Atitlan offers a coliving community that you won’t want to miss. It’s fitted out with communal amenities, including a swimming pool, beach bar, movie theater, culinary area, library, and garden. The property is also known for its social activities and events, including yoga lessons, live music, and excursions. Having remained here myself, I’ve gotta admit – the communal areas and social events here are next level.

8. Neighbourgood in Cape Town, South Africa

Looking to reside and work with other entrepreneurs, digital nomads, influencers, and other creatives? Neighbourgood is a coliving space you’ll want to consider.

This co-living community is in a fashionable portion of Cape Town. It’s outfitted with a communal kitchen, gym, game room, meditation and yoga spaces, and more. There’s also rapid Wi-Fi internet and private accommodations offered on the property.