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The 20+ Best Places to Visit in 2024

As we think about which destinations we're most excited about for 2024, an overall sense of possibility emerges.

If the final corners of Asia Con Con the full reopening of the borders earlier this year, the impact of the pandemic on our travel has finally disappeared. As travelers, we can now better focus on long-distance adventures, check off our bucket lists, and, in many cases, return to the places we love and miss. The world continues to be an unpredictable and complicated place in many ways. However, considering that traveling is the greatest luxury, we must ask ourselves: what should we do with our enviable power to travel the world in 2024? Where will we go first, we wonder?

There are so many compelling reasons to travel anywhere next year. Emerging boutique hotels, spas and exploratory cruises competing for traveler bookings with new offerings need to think carefully about what it means to be relevant and exciting, yes, but also sustainable. Destinations focus on everything from innovative ecotourism initiatives to restorative land management efforts, providing indigenous communities with stories that connect their past to their future. And what about us travellers? We have the choice.

best places to visit in 2024

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To help you find the best holiday trip in the world 2024 that's worth it, we partner with Condé Nast Traveler editors around the world. For months we have researched, discussed and reviewed a large number of fantastic cities, regions and countries that offer new reasons to visit them. The result is this: our definitive guide to the 24 best travel destinations in 2024. Including stunning flowers in a new national park in Chile, close-up wildlife encounters with Inuit guides in Canada, and an exciting community dinner. Travel destination in Rwanda. While difficult to define, this comprehensive list reflects how big, beautiful, diverse, and ever-changing our world is.

Things To Do Best Places to Visit in 2024

Where to Go in 2024

From a British city reinventing its industrial past to a sleepy car-free Kenyan island to the best place in North America to watch the total solar eclipse, our 25 picks for places to travel this year have different things in common: each Their is an exciting and breathtaking destination where human connection and creativity define the travel experience. These 25 locations (listed in no particular order) offer plenty of opportunities for mindful, sustainable exploration exactly what interested AFAR travelers are looking for right now. Congratulations on this year.

1. Fiji

Fiji's marine life is known for its beauty: a colorful spectacle of turtles, rays and sharks twirling among sun-kissed greens and blues . The main stage of this dazzling spectacle is the collection of coral reefs: fragile ecosystems where the symbiotic relationship between plants and fish thrives daily and whose delicate dance represents a microcosm of our increasingly stressed planet.

2. Sydney, Australia

best places to visit Sydney, Australia 2024

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Best known for its towering concrete shells, the Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece of modern expressionist design. The iconic building celebrated its 50th anniversary in October 2023 with great fanfare. Dine at Midden, the resort's new on-site restaurant. The next day, wake up early and take an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour that takes you through the corridors to the rehearsal rooms and orchestra pit. Discover the Opera's special programming for 2024 throughout the year, including the London International Animation Festival in January and an evening with author Fran Lebowitz in February. Or consider a trip in May or June to the annual Vivid Sydney Festival, where art and light installations transform the harbor into a breathtaking light show.

3. Tangier, Morocco

With a skyline that resembles a handful of dice thrown randomly off a cliff, Tangier has long stood out from other Moroccan cities. For several decades of the 20th century it was administered by a group of foreign countries, including Italy and Spain. It attracted writers and artists from Europe and the United States and created a cosmopolitan atmosphere that continues today. However, over the past five years, Morocco's northernmost city has reconnected with its national roots.

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In 2018, Morocco's first high-speed rail line from Africa it connected Tangier to Casablanca. The journey now takes two hours. This was part of a comprehensive infrastructure investment aimed at strengthening the region. The arrival of new luxury hotels is a plus, including the 133-room Fairmont Tazi Palace and the boutique Villa Mabrouka, a 12-room transformation of Yves Saint Laurent's former home by designer Jasper Conran. The Waldorf Astoria is expected to join them in early 2025.

The city's two main squares, the Grand Souk and the Petit Souk, bring into shows the talent of Moroccan creatives. Alma Kitchen, owned by a local jeweler and her photographer husband, serves dishes such as charred eggplant and potatoes seasoned with fennel and cardamom. Grab a coffee at the Cinémathèque de Tanger in the main square, a historic cultural space opened in 1938 and renovated in the mid-2000s by French-Moroccan artist Yto Barrada. On the outskirts of the medina, Las Chicas focuses on organic homewares, clothing and wellness products made in Morocco by women-owned company Zoā Beauty. Also stay here for mint tea or atay.

Check out El Morocco Club, a dingy piano bar and restaurant that lives up to its name she. The New York nightclub opened in the 1930s. Today the club, with its monochrome photographs and zebra-print sofas, is the perfect shortcut to combining the old and the new of Tangier.

4. Texas Hill Country

Want to know more about Texas Hill Country and visit in 2024

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All eyes are on the Texas Hill Country this year as it lies directly in the path of the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. When the moon moves between the sun and the earth, the day turns into night. North America experienced a total solar eclipse in 2017, but the last time the country now known as Texas experienced one was in 1397. Visibility depends on two things: location (Hill Country will have a total eclipse approximately four and a half, seven and a half minutes). half possible) and the climate (the annual average of 300 days of sunshine in Central Texas gives us hope).

5. Rome, Italy

The meal started with octopus carpaccio, Wagyu beef gyoza and yellowtail sushi. After my husband and I finished, the waiter served the Iberian pork marinated with soy and truffle. We sat on a twisting sofa at Seen by Olivier, the rooftop restaurant of the new Anantara Palazzo Naiadi hotel, and enjoyed dish after dish. When I moved to Rome in 2009, I had a hard time finding globally inspired dishes. Although it is an important European capital, it tends towards the traditional. But the Eternal City is changing.

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru's most popular attraction can sometimes buckle under the weight of its visitors. Now, Intrepid Travel offers a way to see a lesser-known side of the Sacred Valley, not through the famous Inca Trail, but through a route based on the Camino de las Canteras. Your new itinerary includes the spectacular Perolniyoc waterfall; an Inca quarry that gave its name to the original trail; and a viewpoint called Wayrapunku overlooking the city of Ollantaytambo, whose ruins include the 900-year-old Temple of the Sun.

7. Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

It's the book that made people afraid to go in the water: Jaws. Celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2024 with a tour of the Martha's Vineyard locations where the film was filmed in 1974. Beyond the realm of the great white shark, explore the quintessential beauty of New England on this 87-square-mile island: the spectacular clay cliffs. Aquinnah, which appear to change color throughout the day; Offshore Ale Company, which serves malted fish and chips; and the 147-year-old Oak Bluffs Carousel, the oldest in the country. "Off-season" visits, that is, in late spring and early autumn, bring mild weather and a break from the island's famous summer traffic.

8. Lamu, Kenya

A walk through the sandy, winding streets of Shela, a village on the southeast coast of Lamu Island, Kenya, is an exercise of trust in the process. . The island is virtually free of motor vehicles and the streets are wide enough for pedestrians and donkeys. Even after a dozen visits, I expect to get lost. I also hope that Shela is small enough that I might stumble, at some point, into the field of whimsical fuchsia bougainvillea I passed earlier, or the carved wooden door, or the mosque with the atonal call of the prayer singer, and I will be my. Find a way again.

9. Bhutan

It's not easy to reach the last Buddhist kingdom in the world, but that's what makes the trip even more interesting. After our pilot landed among the 18,000-foot Himalayan peaks at Bhutan's Paro International Airport (which looks like a temple), I immediately knew I was in a place like no other.

Bhutan only opened its doors to tourism in 1974 and has taken measures to ensure that tourists do not encroach on its pristine nature or long-preserved culture. With a strong environmental mentality, it is the first country in the world with negative carbon emissions: 60% of its landscape is covered by forests and tourists have always had to pay a daily fee. From 2022, this tax supports local community and conservation projects.

In September 2023, Bhutan halved its tourism tax to $100 per day, to attract more travellers. Visitors are advised to stay longer to experience the country's new and renovated five-star hotels such as Zhiwa Ling Heritage, Beyond Punakha River Lodge and Pemako Punakha, all built in traditional Bhutanese style.Trans Bhutan, visitors can explore new parts of the country .

I walked the historic pilgrimage route shortly after its reopening in 2022. of the 16th century, traveling with G Adventures. We were among the first foreigners to travel through remote villages to visit forts and stupas.

As we walked, it was easy to see the depths of Bhutan. wonder of nature Through thick pine forests and mountains covered in fog, some with peaks never climbed so as not to disturb people. When I heard this, it seemed even more sacred to me to walk in his shadow.

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

one day holiday trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2024

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Travellers who love food and art should head straight for Philadelphia this year. The city won more food and culinary awards than any other city in the 2023 James Beard Foundation competition. Take time to sample the seasonal tasting menu on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, voted Best Restaurant, or Thai cuisine at Kalaya, where Chutatip "Nok" Suntaranon was named Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic. In the arts, the Rodin Museum will host a sculpture exhibition titled “Hands of Rodin” and the Philadelphia Museum of Art will present the photography exhibition Perfectly located," regarding  honoring pioneering photographers Barbara Crane, Melissa Shook and Ditty Taback.

11. Paris, France

La Ville Lumière has prepared with typically French enthusiasm to host the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. (Swimming events on the Seine! Concordia's BMX Freestyle Place!). “If you want to be in Paris for the Olympics, there are a lot of things to consider,” says Martha King, whose eponymous agency helps travelers who want to attend the games. There are more than 3,500 combinations of Olympic events and training; Confident participants should act quickly, King says. Of course the city is festive all year round and is worth a visit at any time. Visitors will be able to see the Mark Rothko exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation before April 2; Then, enjoy some champagne and the view of the Eiffel Tower from the terrace of the new Hôtel Dame des Arts.

12. Los Angeles, California

Growing up in Los Angeles, I always felt so lost that nothing would tempt me to leave my neighborhood. Now, as an adult recently returned from New York, I'm ready to avoid the traffic and learn more about the city. From contemporary art exhibitions at The Broad Downtown to sunny afternoons at the Aster Hotel's new Hollywood Rooftop Garden, Los Angeles offers cultural and outdoor experiences year-round.

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The largest public art project in the United States by black artists opens in the city in February. The 1.3-mile-long outdoor museum, called Destination Crenshaw, will be filled with permanent and temporary outdoor installations showcasing the works of more than 100 Black artists across four acres of green space. Established and emerging artists include painter Kehinde Wiley, artist and sculptor Melvin Edwards, and graffiti artists Team RTN.

The creative energy of the black community in south of Los Angeles. promotes popular art created locally, copied nationally and consumed globally,” said Jason Foster, president and COO of Destination Crenshaw. Destination Crenshaw makes this argument convincingly, visually branding South Los Angeles as the birthplace of West Coast black creativity for its diverse residents. Chef Rashida Holmes' pop-up shop, Bridgetown Roti, will open its first physical location in 2024, bringing Caribbean cuisine to East Hollywood. Meanwhile, Downtown Row DTLA is a one-stop shop for international fare, including omakase from Hayato and wood-fired creations from Chris Bianco's famed Pizzeria Bianco – more than enough reason to further explore the city and venture further.

13. Manchester, England

Let's first say that you know more about Manchester than you think: the city in the north of England with its Victorian red brick buildings, its ancient university and its public squares. it already lives in the subconscious of your pop culture, against the backdrop of epochal events that have eclipsed the city itself.

14. Weifang, China

This city in eastern China, between Beijing and Shanghai, is often called the kite capital of the world thanks to its annual international kite festival. The kites fly every April and attract dozens of people. of thousands of people and the Weifang World Kite Museum, where five exhibition halls focus on craftsmanship and folklore.

Weifang, China

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But Weifang is committed to protecting all its cultural heritage and focusing on preserving the traditions that earned it the status of UNESCO's Creative City for Crafts and Folk Arts in 2021 and East Asia Cultural City in 2024. Ad For example, Weifang Park Shihuyuan Intangible Cultural Heritage teaches visitors art forms including clay modeling and paper cutting, as well as kite flying. Travelers can experience kite making and woodblock printing at the Yangjiabu Folk Art Grand View Garden. A lively night food market offers a delicious end to the day. Try the grilled seafood or Chao Tian Guo, a dish of pork offal and marinated vegetables wrapped in a thin crepe. Wild China can arrange a customized itinerary with Weifang.

15. St. Kitts

St. Kitts, in the eastern Caribbean, is an island with dense tropical forests and sunny beaches. But at the beginning of the colonial period it was covered with sugar cane plantations managed by African slaves. Much of the harvest was processed into rum, a profitable trade for the English. After St. Kitts gained independence in 1983 and ended cane sugar production in 2005 (it was unable to keep pace with the global industry's shift to beet sugar), the legacy of Kittian rum it was not forgotten. Today, two local companies are reviving the island's distilling tradition with a proud Kittian touch.

We have a tradition of producing rum called Hammond or Rumberg, says Roger Brisbane, founder of Hibiscus Spirits and owner of the seaside restaurant Spice Mill: “People used to do it in the mountains. 

Jack Widdowson also touches on the island's history. Archaeologists unearthed a 17th-century distillery on the former plantation where he grew up and founded the Old Road Rum Company in 2020. He is currently blending unique bottles (using molasses-based rums from other Caribbean countries) while revamping the distillery so it can resume production of 100% Kittizian rum.

St. Kitts Tourism Authority's RumMaster Experience introduces visitors to both projects. But as Widdowson explains: “A visit to Old Road Rum is not just a history tour or tasting. This is an opportunity to be part of an evolving narrative that respects the past and at the same time opens a new chapter for rum production in São Cristóvão.

16. Valencia, Spain

Valencia, the 2,150-year-old city on the east coast of Spain, has successfully received the title of European Green Capital 2024 in 12 categories, including air, noise, nature and biodiversity, as well as energy efficiency. See it in action as you stroll through the city's historic center (home to Valencia Cathedral, famous for housing the Holy Grail). Or stroll through the Turia Gardens, a six-mile green space along an ancient riverbed over which bridges have been built over the centuries. Cyclists can explore the city thanks to 200 kilometers of cycle paths.

17. Brno, Czech Republic

Pronounced Burr-NO, preferably with a generously rolled “r”. The second largest city in the Czech Republic is about a quarter the size of Prague and receives virtually no international tourists. However, Brno, not the capital, has been named one of the UNESCO Cities of Music in honor of its thriving network of bars, clubs and concert halls, as well as its calendar of world-class festivals.

The scene here features everything from banjo punk by local band Poletíme to JazzFestBrno, whose 2024 performers include Grammy-winning singer Samara Joy. Between the Sono Centrum hall, with its sophisticated golf ball-shaped acoustics, and the imposing medieval walls of Spielberg Castle (where the city's Philharmonic Orchestra performs), there are few places in Brno where "there is no it is a musical service.

18. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit's Michigan Central, a former Beaux Arts train station, has been reimagined as a transportation research and development laboratory with commercial, catering and community. Just an example of how everything old is new again in this city. The Motown Museum will complete a $65 million modernization in 2024 that will include performance spaces, interactive exhibits and a music education center. The modern Cambria Hotel (in a 1936 television building designed by Albert Kahn, one of Detroit's greatest architects) is the latest in a series of landmarks transformed into boutique hotels. And a new glass and steel tower on the site of the 1927 Hudson Store will open a 48th-floor viewing platform in 2024.

19. San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico

The theme here is cross-border cooperation, as these two cities, separated by just 32 kilometers, host premium events every year. use World Design Capital 2024. This means a series of events in both locations. La Frontera, an exhibition focused on jewelry design, will take place at the Mingei International Museum, San Diego, from January 27 to August 4, and at the Centro Cultural de Tijuana (CECUT), from February 16 to June 9.

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The World Design Experience, a week-long interactive design exhibition, will take place in various locations throughout San Diego in September. Other notable works of art and architecture await: In San Diego, look for the Salk Institute, a landmark of modern concrete buildings, or the Geisel Geometric Library at the University of California, San Diego (named after the Dr. Seuss). ; In Tijuana, visit CECUT with its spectacular dome and garden filled with replicas of Mesoamerican sculptures.

20. Norway

Norway is the ideal place to experience the wonders of nature and the experience just keeps getting better. From 2024 there will be more opportunities to enjoy the beauty and richness of the country and, in true Norwegian style, these adventure trips will also be more environmentally friendly.

21. Charleston, South Carolina

When the International African American Museum opened in 2023, Charleston rose to the top of the list of must-see attractions for 2024 and beyond. Exhibits showcase the many facets of African-American history and cover slavery and the civil rights movement, as well as the challenges and successes of the present. A family history center also helps families find their stories. We'll spend the night at one of the city's two new additions: the Palmetto Hotel, whose contemporary decor is accented by works by early 20th-century Charleston artists; or the Pinch, an elegant boutique hotel that offers a bike-sharing program, boat tours and kitchens in every room.

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