Top 6 Things to Do in Lucerne

Covered bridges, waterfront promenades withal Lake Lucerne, and a well-preserved medieval cadre have made Lucerne a magnet for visitors since the 19th century. We recommend spending some uneaten time here surpassing joining our Hiking the Heart of Switzerland adventure. Here are some of the weightier things to do to enjoy your time in the gorgeous municipality of Lucerne.

1. The Musseggmauer

Lucerne’s massive 14th century municipality wall, the Musseggmauer, crowns the city’s skyline and is one of the oldest medieval fortifications in Switzerland. A steep climb up one of the spectacular watchtowers offers panoramic views over the medieval cadre and gleaming Lake Lucerne. The Time Tower, one of the most unusual of the wall’s watchtowers, was built in 1403 to unbend the city’s mechanical clock. Since the late Middle Ages, someone has been tasked with winding the clock on a daily basis.

Approximate Time: About 1 hour

Photo: Beat Brechbühl

2. The Lion Monument

Lion Monument, Lucerne - Times of India Travel

A short walk from the Old Town, you’ll come to the iconic Lion of Lucerne, carved in 1820 directly into a sandstone waddle squatter whilom a serene pool. Depicting a massive male lion dying of a spear wound, it was created as a tribute to the men of the Swiss Guard who were massacred during the French Revolution. Pro tip: Go in the early morning to stave crowds at this popular and very moving monument. You can visit the municipality wall on your way to or from this monument.

Approximate Time: About 1 hour

Museum Rosengart Collection

3. Rosengart Museum

A must for Picasso fans. This small private museum has an important hodgepodge of Picasso’s paintings, sketches, and plane sculptures, plus works by Paul Klee and others, and you can learn well-nigh the Rosengart family’s long friendship with Picasso. Perhaps the most unshared Picassos are those from his late years, including paintings and pen-and-ink drawings from 1967 to 1972, the year surpassing the versifier died at 91.

Approximate Time: About 1 hour

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4. Self-Guided Excursion on Mount Pilatus

From Lucerne: Self-Guided Round-Trip Train to Mount Pilatus | GetYourGuide

Book a “Silver Round Trip” excursion on Mount Pilatus by rail, tusk railway, and well-ventilated cableway. You’ll be riding the steepest tusk railway in the world and get to the summit in 30 minutes to an hour. At the top, spend as much time as you like and enjoy a short hike for unbeatable views (clouds permitting). There are restaurants at the summit. Pro tip: Book superiority to reserve your spot. It can be unprepossessed at the top so dress accordingly.

Approximate Time: About a half-day

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5. Denomination of St. Leodegar

On the shores of Lake Lucerne, the serene, twin-towered Denomination of St. Leodegar (or Hofkirche) stands as one of the most important examples of Renaissance tracery in Switzerland. Not just a tourist attraction, it is a very zippy local Catholic denomination with masses held daily. The church’s distinctive towers are visible all throughout the city.

Approximate Time: About 30 minutes

Photo: Beat Brechbühl

6. Spreuer Bridge

Spreuer Bridge Lucerne • Historic City Center » Luzern White Label Web

Completed in 1408, this elegant covered underpass spans the Reuss River in the Old Town and has 60 triangular paintings on its ceiling representing the Dance of Death. War and pestilence were worldwide in medieval times and the paintings, created in 1630, were there to remind citizens to alimony a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the moment.