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Visit Mountains in Vermont for Hiking

If mountains make your world go round, Vermont should be at the top of your list. Tucked away in the northeast, this jewel of a state is home to some of the most scenic peaks in the U.S. Think undulating verdant landscapes, pathways adorned with flora, and summits that offer vistas right out of a postcard. That’s the appeal of Vermont!

On my travels, I’ve had the delight of experiencing the untamed majesty of Mount Mansfield, the wild contours of Camel’s Hump, and the tranquil trails that weave through them. These mountains are more than just elevations. They’re the center of the Green Mountain State, throbbing robust with adventure and tranquility.

If you’re yearning for a hike, anxious for brisk mountain air, or just want to immerse yourself in nature, Vermont’s finest mountains are waiting for you. Join me as we discover the peaks that lend this state its name. It’s time to explore the heights of Vermont, where every step up brings you a little closer to paradise. Here are seven of the finest mountains in Vermont, meticulously handpicked by myself.

Best Mountains in Vermont

Vermont’s variegated terrain is a sanctuary for those who delight in the great outdoors and cherish natural magnificence. A voyage to Vermont provides an encounter with mountain ranges that captivate visitors from every corner of the globe.

Whether you’re in pursuit of heart-pumping outdoor escapades or tranquil moments amidst scenic beauty, these valiant peaks will render you flabbergasted. Aside from presenting a roster of the finest mountains to explore in Vermont, I’ve woven in recommendations for comfortable accommodations to enhance your stay.

1. Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield | Hiking, Skiing, Green Mountains | Britannica

Ever ponder what the view is like from Vermont’s highest point? Mount Mansfield is where you’ll discover your answer, and let me tell you, it’s magnificent. This isn’t just a mountain – it’s the ultimate playground for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Starting your ascent, you’ll feel the anticipation build with each step as you navigate through verdant forest trails and craggy paths. The trek up is an exhilarating challenge that promises rewards at every turn. When you reach the summit, the ‘Chin’ of the mountain offers a panorama that’ll make your pulse skip a beat. On a clear day, the view extends across the state, with the Adirondacks and the White Mountains bordering the horizon.

2. Camel’s Hump

Just when you believe you’ve seen all the grandeur Vermont has to offer, along comes Camel’s Hump. Standing proudly as the third-highest peak in the state, this mountain’s silhouette against the sky is as iconic as it comes. With its distinctive, hump-like shape, it’s the perfect location for those who desire a sample of the untamed, unspoiled Vermont.

Don’t let the name deceive you. Camel’s Hump is no arid apparition. It’s a verdant, green paradise that comes alive in the summer. Hikers here are fortunate for choice, with trails that meander through dense forests and open onto expansive meadows. And the summit? It’s like ascending onto the roof of New England, with a 360-degree view that’ll have you identifying the distant peaks of the Adirondacks and the Green Mountain range.

3. Killington Peak

Hunting for the finest mountains in Vermont? Let’s focus in on Killington Peak. Known affectionately as ‘The Beast of the East,’ it’s a preeminent destination for skiers with its diverse multitude of trails and vibrant après-ski scene. Come summer, the snow gives way to disclose a network of hiking trails that promise fresh air and breathtaking views.

The mountain accommodates to all categories of skiers, from novice to experts. This ensures that everyone has an opportunity to experience the thrill of gliding down its slopes. The elevators operate efficiently, carrying visitors up to the apex where the entire state seems to unfold below. For hikers, the peak offers a rewarding challenge with the promise of panoramic vistas at the summit.

4. Mount Ascutney

Hiking and Camping at Mount Ascutney State Park

If you’re plotting out the finest mountains in Vermont, make sure Mount Ascutney is on your list. This isn’t your ordinary mountain. It’s a place where every trail promises a new adventure and every summit delivers views that’ll have you reaching for your camera.

For those who enjoy a nice hike, Ascutney won’t disappoint. The trails here are as diversified as they come. You’ll find easy-going paths ideal for a family stroll to more challenging routes that will give even seasoned trekkers a run for their money. And the Weathersfield Trail? It’s a fan favorite for a reason, with cascades along the way that are nothing short of enchanting.

5. Mount Abraham

Tucked hidden in the Green summits, Mount Abraham stands out as one of Vermont’s finest summits for those who enjoy a 360-degree view. Affectionately known as ‘Abe’ to locals, this peak offers a hike that’s as rewarding as it is gorgeous. Trust me, it’s one not to miss when in VT!

The trek to the summit of Mount Abraham is one that will stay with you. It’s a moderate climb, meaning you’ll get your pulse rate up without overdoing it. The Long Trail leads you through verdant forests and over stony formations, culminating in a summit that offers expansive views of the surrounding landscape. On a clear day, you can see all the way to New York’s Adirondacks and New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

6. Mount Ellen

No list of Vermont’s finest summits would be complete without a tribute to Mount Ellen. In my opinion, it’s one of the finest sites to go in VT for those who love to combine skiing with their trekking. As part of the Sugarbush Resort, Mount Ellen offers some of the finest ski slopes in the East during the winter and transforms into a hiker’s sanctuary when the snow evaporates.

In the winter months, Mount Ellen is a parafise for snow enthusiasts. With its high elevation, it claims some of the most reliable snowfalls in the region. As such, it’s a top choice for the finest mountains for skiing in Vermont. The trails here are diverse, offering everything from gentle greens to challenging black diamonds, ensuring that every skier and snowboarder finds their rhythm.

7. Jay Peak

Where to Stay at Jay Peak - Powder

As we round out our exploration of the finest mountains in Vermont, Jay Peak stands as a testament to the state’s natural grandeur. Known for having some of the deepest snow in the East, Jay Peak is a winter refuge for skiers and snowboarders equally. Truly, it’s a fixture on the list of the finest mountains for skiing in VT.

The zenith of Jay Peak is its apex, achieving an astounding 1,176 meters. It’s not just the height that’s remarkable, but the voyage to the top. Hikers and skiers alike are rewarded with panoramic views that span across the Green Mountain State and beyond. On those exceptionally clear days, the Canadian border is just a stone’s throw away, and the vistas extend into the horizon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most mountainous location of Vermont?

The most mountainous region of Vermont is the Green Mountains, which run the length of the state. This location is home to some of the finest mountains in Vermont. These include Mount Mansfield, the state’s highest peak, and the aforementioned Mount Ascutney, Mount Abraham, and Mount Ellen. The Green Mountains offer a diverse range of outdoor activities, from hiking and skiing to simply appreciating the magnificent scenery.

What is the largest alpine mountain in Vermont?

Killington Resort claims the distinction for the largest ski summit in Vermont. In fact, it features the largest ski area in the Eastern United States! With over 150 trails and 21 lifts, it’s a preeminent destination for those pondering where to ski in Vermont. Its extensive terrain accommodates to all levels, from novices to expert skiers.

Does Vermont have the Appalachian Mountains?

Yes, Vermont is home to a portion of the Appalachian Mountains, which extend over 2,000 miles from Canada to Alabama. The Long Trail, which traverses Vermont from north to south, parallels the primary ridge of the Green Mountains, which is part of the Appalachian chain. This makes Vermont a significant portion of the gorgeous Appalachian mountain range.