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Biggest Motorhomes In The World

Explore These Supersized Mobile Mansions

The expansive living areas inside these large RVs are outfitted with everything you could possible need to enjoy a life of luxury on the open road. From the "apocalypse-grade" RV created for an Australian bush excursion to the behemoth motorhomes of the Hollywood elite, the world's largest RVs may persuade even the most steadfast homebody to embark on a carefree adventure.

Slrv Motorhome For A Family Of Eight: 40 Feet

This massive motorhome was built in 2017 by Gold Coast business SLRV Expedition Vehicles for an eight-person family planning an epic trip visiting Australia's most isolated places.

The luxury RV manufacturer had a difficulty in developing an extra-large high-end camper capable of navigating the Australian outback, where the terrain may be dangerous and the weather can range from scorching heat to dust storms and cyclones.

The pièce de resistance, however, has to be the incredible lifting roof, which can be lifted at the press of a button to add an extra level to the car. This floor, accessed by a floating stairway, features six single beds and a huge TV. Impressively, the RV can sleep a total of ten people because the downstairs seating can be changed into a double bed. As you would expect, all of this did not come cheaply; the cost of this specific bespoke project is believed to be between $670,000 (£528k) and $1.3 million.

Elemment Palazzo Superior: 45 Feet

marchi mobile's eleMMent palazzo superior is a mansion on wheels with  fisheye windshield

The eleMMent palazzo Superior from Austrian company Marchi Mobile is the ultimate luxury RV. It is also one of the most expensive motorhomes in the world, retailing at $2.1 million (£1.7 million). The costliest on record, a $7.7 million (£6.1 million) masterpiece from Germany's Volkner that includes a Bugatti Chiron, is too tiny for this list. In contrast, the eleMMent palazzo Superior measures 45 feet long and has 732 square feet of living area.

Vin Diesel’s Monster Trailer: 53 Feet

There are very few RVs that are 50 feet or longer. Among the modest number of mega-sized RVs are a few celebrity trailers that presently reside at the 7744 Ranch, a glamping site on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.

The gigantic trailer spans 53 feet in length and has 1,200 square feet of living space. The Aspen, or Comfy Cabin as it was previously known, has all the hallmarks of an A-list celebrity motorhome.  Anderson Mobile Estates, which runs the glamping site, erected the trailer in the early 2000s for Vin Diesel, who appears to have rented it until the early 2010s. It apparently accompanied him to film sites in Puerto Rico for Fast and Furious, Canada for Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, and other locations across the world.

Will Smith's Sprawling Rv: 53 Feet

The rooms appear to carry on indefinitely, separated by automated doors dubbed "Star Trek doors" by the designer. The first floor features a living space with a huge chef's kitchen with $200,000 (£157k) granite worktops, sofas upholstered in the best Italian leather, and stunning bespoke wood cabinets, including a table handcrafted from Carpathian elm.  This floor also has a cosmetics station and a living space, which Smith utilized for a closet and dressing room. The bathroom is just as sumptuous as the rest of the RV, with a sauna shower and a glass door that goes opaque with the touch of a button.

Spacecraft’s Custom Trailer: 54 Feet

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SpaceCraft, situated in Missouri, manufactures some of the market's longest and most attractively decorated trailers. Established in 1962, it is the only firm in the United States that manufactures fully customized fifth wheels, travel trailers, and semi-rv units. Spacecraft provides its clients with significant customization possibilities to build a place that is suitable for their needs, which means that each trailer produced by the firm is unique.

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Derbus Colossal Articulated Motorhome: 59 Feet

The top deck includes a spacious living space, a full kitchen, a master bedroom, guest bedrooms, and a huge bathroom with a shower. There is also a spare bedroom at the opposite end of the floor, complete with bunk beds that can accommodate up to four people.

Omnibus Handel Mario Roettgen (OMR) purchased the bus in 2004, and despite unsuccessful attempts to sell it on at least one time, they continue to own it.

Cmc Caravan's Custom Mega-motorhomes: Up To 61 Feet

When it comes to completely customized RVs, CMC Caravan from Italy reigns supreme. The manufacturer's greatest customized designs may reach a staggering 61 feet in length and resemble trendy boutique hotel rooms.

CMC was the first manufacturer to design a trailer with five slideouts, and each of their RVs has numerous, which give swaths of extra floor area when you park your motorhome.