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The Best Coastal Drives Around the World (With Epic Sunset Views)

Are you considering a holiday by car? You'll be excited to take a seaside drive at some time if your preferred destination has a waterfront. Furthermore, why not? Roads that straddle the water provide us with some of the most breathtaking views. In reality, the setting for the remainder of the vacation is frequently set by a glittering sea against towering cliffs or a golden strip of sand.

However, where else in the world can you drive down some of the most breathtaking and dramatic coastline roads? Is there a drive down the shore that is like no other? These incredible, occasionally dangerous pathways link between land and sea as they wind down the beach. They frequently wind down the coast, narrow enough to barely accommodate two cars at a time. The vistas they offer are another reason they're epic. Some of the most magnificent scenery can be seen in coastal areas. Along the shoreline, you'll frequently find charming resort towns, sand beaches, and towering peaks. You can see miles and miles of deep blue sea reaching to the horizon beyond that.

The California Sunset Is Even Better from This Highway

Given that California is one of the westernmost points in the US, it seems to reason that there would be some pretty spectacular sunsets here. Drive a section of State Route 1 along the Pacific Coast Highway. The PCH is a portion of the longer PAH, which will take you through the majority of the Americas if you'd like to take a longer drive.

California Sunset

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The portion through California is especially picturesque, winding along some of the world's most breathtaking coasts. Travel is most popular during July and August. During these months, the sun sets longer, so go outside in the late afternoon to have dinner on the way.

The Road to Hana Is Gorgeous 2024

There are miles and miles of shoreline in the Hawaiian Islands, and sunsets in this tropical paradise may be especially spectacular, as you might expect. The second-largest island in the chain, Maui, offers breathtaking maine coastal drive views as you drive down the Road to Hana. Remember that the 52 miles (84 kilometers) of the Road to Hana are among the most hazardous in the entire world if you decide to take it. There are 56 single-lane bridges and 617 switchbacks! Don't even glance down. The drops are extraordinarily steep. As the sun starts to set, make sure you're almost there.

It Is One of the Most Famous Roads in Australia 2024

The Great Ocean Road, commonly known as Australia's B100, slithers 151 miles (243 kilometers) along the country's southeast coast. It connects the Victorian towns of Torquay and Allansford, offering breathtaking views of the ocean for practically the whole distance. You may stop at the well-known Bells Beach for some surfing or travel past the breathtaking limestone cliffs known as the Twelve Apostles, which are even more breathtaking at dusk. The Great Ocean Road is undoubtedly one of the most amazing california coastal drive in the world, no matter what time of day or night. It should come as no surprise that it's among Australia's most well-known driving routes.

Norway Takes Coastal Drives to The Extreme

Situated along the western Norwegian coastline, the Atlantic Ocean Road is a rather brief route. Even though it is only little more than 5 miles (8.2 kilometers), there are an astounding 8 bridges across that distance. After six years of building, the road was finally finished in 1989 and is today a well-liked tourist destination. The Atlantic Ocean Road, which connects the Fjord towns of Molde and Kristiansund, has a roller coaster-like sense to it as you drive over curved bridges. The ocean itself is constantly close by, serving as a reminder to visitors of the road's possible dangers. When the sun is setting, this is a fantastic trip to take because the scenery is breathtaking and the drive will end well before nightfall.

Take This Road from Sorrento to Salerno

How far are Sorrento and Salerno? The direct journey from Sorrento to Salerno is 57 km and the travel time by car with normal traffic is 59 minutes.

Drive From Sorrento to Salerno

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Sunset along the route is even more spectacular, the route is famous for its views of the ocean, as you can imagine. It tends to be crowded during the summer and travel during the off-season.

Canada’s Cabot Trail Is Quintessential East Coast

Even though the sun sets in the west, we're going to take you to the east coast of Canada, to the province of Nova Scotia. You may not assume the Cabot Trail is a fantastic site to observe sunsets, but it is, with the Atlantic Ocean reaching to the eastern horizon.

Well, reconsider. Cape Breton is a small island at the northernmost point of Nova Scotia, and the trail circles around it. It travels 185 miles (almost 300 kilometers) between the counties of Victoria and Inverness. Autumn is a great season to visit the breathtakingly beautiful Cape Breton Highlands, but any time of year is beautiful. See the autumnal hues reflected in the multicolored sky by going there around sunset.

Calanques de Piana Is One of Europe’s Best Drives

In the Gulf of Porto, the D81 meanders along the western shore of the French island of Corsica. It passes beside the well-known Calanques de Piana, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Between Piana and Porto, you'll travel roughly 7 miles (11 km), weaving through an incredible area of red granite cliffs. The peculiar stone formations along the coast are sculpted by the forces of wind and water. The cliffs' rich crimson glow becomes even more striking after sunset. Along the way, find a safe spot to pull over or head to a beach to watch the sunset in a brilliant display.

Chile’s Ruta 1 Delivers on Epic Sunsets

You can be sure that Ruta 1 in northern Chile will offer some of the most breathtaking sunsets on earth because it is bordered by the Atacama Desert on one side and the South Pacific on the other.

The route begins in the coastal town of Iquique, west of the Atacama, and runs around 500 kilometers (311 miles). Antofagasta, the provincial capital and another port town, is where the road ends. With beautiful roads and less traffic at its southern terminus, the route is ideal for tourists. Take your time as you travel down Ruta 1, as there are many breathtaking vistas to behold.

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