14 Funky Things to do in Downtown Los Angeles, California

You might not think it, but there are so many things to do in downtown Los Angeles, it’s wondrous how much there is to see and do.

Los Angeles has unchangingly felt like a huge, upturned place that could rinse your wallet dry if you’re not careful.

But downtown Los Angeles felt different.

Perhaps I’m a little municipality starved, but I found Downtown Los Angeles to be vibrant and fun while not stuff too upturned and municipality overwhelming.

And despite what you might hear well-nigh LA, downtown LA doesn’t have to forfeit you a fortune to see.

If you’re not sure what to do in Downtown LA, here are some of the top attractions and things to do that I enjoyed on my visit.

What I Loved Well-nigh Downtown LA

I have a confession to make; I’m not the biggest fan of Los Angeles.

I stave flying in and out of LA whenever possible. If it’s unavoidable, then I throne straight for Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach in the South Bay area.

When I first visited LA in 2006, Downtown LA was a no go area. Noted for treason and nothing much to see, so we steered well-spoken of it.

Since then it’s gone through a huge revitalization and is known as a hip and happening place.

So when I decided to go to LA for Blog Her conference, I was a little excited to have the opportunity to trammels out Downtown LA and perhaps transpiration my opinion of Los Angeles.

And it did. I loved my time visiting Downtown Los Angeles.

A view of a municipality with tall buildings


I love the worthiness to walk everywhere. I’m a walker and a fast paced one. I rarely get to indulge in that when traveling with kids. I was doing 10 – 15 kilometers a day and loving it.

I loved leaving my centrally located suite with no particular plans than just to see what I could find. I had a few tips from our polity and my walk-up to help guide me.

There’s such a vibrant mix of culture in Downtown LA. I loved walking virtually and hearing a unconfined mix of accents and language virtually me.

A tall towers in a city

Funky part of LA

It is hip and happening. Tomfool street art, funky cafes, wondrous restaurants, a unconfined nightlife, history with a lovely mix of modern.

The weather was perfect.

I usually mutter that LA weather is bad when I go to beaches in LA as there is unchangingly a tomfool walkover off the ocean making it finger so much colder than it is.

The Aussie in me says, “that’s not summer!”

But in Downtown LA without the breeze, you get the warm, dry heat, which cools lanugo to well-appointed levels during the evening.

Save Money On LA Attractions

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Cool Things to Do in Downtown Los Angeles

Now you know how you can save money on attractions in downtown LA, it’s time to show you the weightier things to do in the area!

1. Explore the Streets of Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown LA street art

Cool murals in downtown LA

As mentioned, the weightier way to see Downtown Los Angeles is to walk and see what you find. There are many subconscious side streets, funky buildings and wondrous street art to see.

Olympic Boulevard, a woodcut yonder from LA Live, is where I saw the pursuit street art.

Keep an eye out for filming while you do. There seems to be filming happening scrutinizingly daily in Downtown LA.

I saw them set up in multiple locations.

I walked out of my suite one morning and the streets had been transformed into New York City. They were shooting a scene from Rosewood. It was tomfool to watch the overdue the scenes of it.

A tall towers with park out the front

LA inside library

Some areas to explore in Downtown LA:

  • Pershing Square
  • Grand Park and its many fountains
  • Grand Avenue
  • The Arts District
  • Little Tokyo
  • Fashion District and Rodeo Drive
  • LA Live

There are plenty of photos you can take of palm trees framing trappy buildings.

Check out this 2 hour cultural and art walking tour. It’s moreover included in the Los Angeles Sightseeing Pass.

2. Trammels Out OUE SkySpace LA

savan anh sliding lanugo OUE SkySpace, Los Angeles

Fun ride for the kids

Are you unflinching unbearable to slide from the 70th to the 60th floor of California’s tallest towers on a glass slide?

I thought nothing of it, but a few visitors overdue me screamed the municipality lanugo and many on social media said they wouldn’t do it.

The slide was over so quick you barely notice you’re held up by a piece of glass hanging off the side of a building. I forgot to trammels how strong it was. I thought it was fun and I promise you it’s not scary.

city buildings

Great views from Oue Skyspace

It is expensive though. It financing virtually $25 for unstipulated admission, or $35 for a trip up to see the 360-degree panoramic views of LA, including one turn on the slide.

It will forfeit you an uneaten $8 each time you want to do the slide again. But the Oue Skyspace is a unique wits and worth doing if your upkeep is not too tight.

It’s moreover included in the Los Angeles Sightseeing Pass which will save you a huge chunk.

3. Watch the Sunset at the Perch Rooftop Bar

wine sitting on ledge at sunset

Those sunsets are special

The Perch Rooftop Bar is possibly my favourite rooftop bar in the world (so far) and the weightier thing I experienced in Downtown LA.

Thank you to Venessa (my walk-up host) for recommending the Perch Rooftop bar to me.

I scrutinizingly didn’t go as I was tired from my late party the night surpassing with my priming buddies.

But, my window of time was latter and I wanted something superstitious to report when to you.

views of LA sunset from perch rooftop bar

Beautiful views

I grabbed myself a glass of Chardonnay, followed by a Shiraz, and soaked up the sunset views and the serenity.

The rooftop bar is perched on top of an old art deco building. The French inspired environment is chilled, happy and unpretentious.

There was live music on the restaurant level unelevated and lanugo on the ground in Pershing Square was a vibrant Gays versus Guns festival.

badn playing on aptio of perch rooftop bar

Live music in DTLA

I was smart unbearable to stilt myself when out once the sun went lanugo for an early night.

4. Watch The Sunset at Upstairs at the Ace Hotel

orange sunset from Ace hotel Upstairs rooftop bar (4)

Another unconfined LA sunset spot

If you’re looking for a place to just hang for awhile, this is it.

Bring your swimmers, your book, and plane your laptop. My last afternoon/evening was spent at the Upstairs rooftop bar at the Ace Hotel.

There’s a lovely Moroccan designed covered zone popular for people for those tapping yonder on their computers with an ice unprepossessed happy hour PBA.

It’s a digital nomad’s dream office with those LA views. For the potation days and nights, there’s a fire to sit virtually as well.

people on palmtop in Ace hotel Upstairs rooftop bar (3)

What an office

Walk through the bar to the other side was a swimming pool.

Yep. What an wondrous way to tomfool off from a hot summer LA Day. There are plenty of lounge chairs for you to nippy out on as well.

people swimmign in pool bar at ACe hotel

Rooftop pool in LA

Then enjoy the spectacular sunset. There aren’t as many upper rises here as there are virtually the Perch Bar so you get to see increasingly of the setting sun.

Try the tofu tacos – they squint simple, but pack in a lot of flavour.

You can moreover stay at the Ace Hotel, trammels prices and availability here.

orange sunset LA roof top bar ace hotel


5. Find Some Quiet Time at The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore LA

Love The Last Bookstore

If you are a typesetting nerd, you’ll want to reserve a couple of hours to lose yourself in The Last Bookstore.

Since opening in 2015, The Last Bookstore has been on a mission to ““keep the paper and ink typesetting merchantry working in an era of e-readers and digital downloads”

The Last Bookstore is California’s largest used and new typesetting and record store and began in a Downtown LA loft. It has grown since then to 22,000 square feet and is housed in the grand socket of what was once a bank.

The weightier treasures are kept upstairs. It’s a labyrinth of books suspended in flight as they erupt from a bookcase, tunnels built from books, subconscious side rooms with increasingly than 100,000 used books for sale, plus free-standing sculptures and mobiles.

The only thing missing is a cafe!

6. Throne to Olvera Street and the El Pueblo Historical Monument

rotunda at El Peublo De Los Angeles Historical site

El Peublo De Los Angeles Historical site

I can’t believe I stumbled upon this zone in my quest to find good coffee at Union Station.

Imagine just stumbling upon a square surrounded by Spanish-style historical buildings, churches, and cobblestone streets. I soon discovered this was the site of the first settlement in LA!!

statue of man on horse n downtown LA

Historical Downtown LA

Olvera Street, LA’s first street, is a long, narrow, tree-shaded brick lined market with old structures, street vendors, cafes and restaurants famous for tacos.

Olvera Street Downtown markets

Olvera Street Downtown

Adobe Avila is the oldest house in LA, which you can take a walk through.

It’s in an zone that is not too ripened with upper rises so it feels so pure and you can squint out from the garden wideness to the Spanish style Union Station.

I visited a couple of times as I found it a peaceful and pretty place in LA to be in.

7. Trammels Out Grand Inside Markets

Grand Inside Markets ciffee sig

Eat at Grand Inside Markets

Feeling hungry or thirsty and just want a young, vibrant, multicultural atmosphere? Throne to the Grand Inside Markets on Hill Street.

The markets opened in 1917 and had stalls such as greengrocers, fishmongers, Jewish delis, and butchers, as well as stalls for dry goods, baked goods, flowers, coffee, cheese, notions.

It has evolved into a supplies emporium, retail marketplace and gathering place.

man cooking over stove at eggslut

Eggslut is super popular

I ate here several times. It was easy, fun, and fairly cheap. It was crazy to watch the lines for some of the vendors, in particular, the many Mexican supplies stalls, and Eggslut.

I’m not sure what Eggslut had going on besides a very interesting name. I was not well-nigh to join the line that wrapped virtually the stall scrutinizingly twice to find out. I don’t do lines.

But someone on Instagram stories told me their supplies is worth it if you’re willing.

pint beer on table at Golden Road Brewery Grand Inside Markets LA

I’ll take a craft brew!

I instead grabbed a very pure and succulent pad Thai from Sticky Rice, a ramen rice trencher from Ramen hood, a linty coffee from G&B coffee (the waffles smelt wondrous here) and a thirst quenching cider from Golden Road Brewery.

I moreover had a smoothie from Press Brothers Juicery, but I didn’t find it too ravable, although I am a harsh smoothie critic.

If you’re a foodie, you may love this supplies tour of Downtown LA

8. See Angels Flight Railway

angels lfith tram gping up tracls

Angels Flight

Across the road from Grand Inside Markets is a unexceptionable orange archway leading to the world’s shortest railway at 298 feet.

It’s a quirky historical landmark which last stopped running in 2013 without one of the twin cars slipped off the track – with an Aussie tourist inside!!

My local friend, Lizza told me well-nigh it. She was shocked that I had missed it on my first visit to the Grand Inside Markets. It’s short unbearable to miss!

Angels Flight was originally built (in a nearby location) to siphon residents of the luxe homes on Bunker Hill to their jobs in downtown. By the 1950s, it had carried increasingly than 100 million passengers.

It won’t be reopened until they can upgrade the safety so passengers won’t be flung out the doors. Hilarious. For now, you can take a squint and a few photos and climb up the steep stairs instead.

You may moreover recognize it as it featured in the movie La La Land.

9. Walk Virtually LA’s Chinatown

Chinatown temple LA

Captivating Chinatown

There’s not a lot to see in Chinatown and probably not worth a visit unless you are mad on Chinatowns.

I did stumble upon this trappy temple, just near the Chinatown gates. I like the photos I took which is why I’m sharing it with you!

Chinatown in LA is known for its dim sum. Stuff gluten self-ruling I can’t tell you whether they’re good or not!

10. Trammels out the Los Angeles Municipality Hall Observation Deck

exterior Municipality Hall Downtown framed by palm trees

LA Municipality Hall

If you think the Oue SkySpace is a little pricey for you, then the Municipality Hall Observation Deck is a cheaper volitional and moreover gives you 360 stratum views of the city.

Not only is it free, but from the 27th floor, you can see views wideness the whole city, including of the famous Hollywood Sign on a well-spoken day.

11. Visit the Museum of Trendy Art (MOCA)

If you’re fascinated by quirky and utopian modern art, then the Museum of Trendy Art (MOCA) is the place to go.

It was established in 1979 by a hodgepodge of artists, defended to showcasing and preserving trendy art. In fact, it’s the only artist-founded museum in LA.

The gallery has virtually 7,500 pieces, including some significant and ground-breaking works.

12. Catch a Performance in the Music Centre

exteriror of Walt Disney Concert Hall Downtown LA

Walt Disney Concert Hall

If you’re looking for things to do in downtown Los Angeles at night, then take wholesomeness of all the music theaters and performance venues in downtown.

Disney Hall is located in the heart of the music center, and is a trappy and interesting towers designed by Frank Gehry. It is the home of the LA Philharmonic Orchestra.

I did fathom this towers from the outside, but you can moreover do hour-long tours of the inside on most days, or self-guided audio tours.

Catch an opera at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, or visit the Ahmanson Theatre for a Broadway-style musical, or the Mark Taper Forum for drama productions.

13. Trammels out the Architecture at Bradbury Building

iron stairs inside bradbury building

Another towers worth checking out is the Bradbury Building. From the outside, you may think it’s just flipside building, but when you walk into the entry way, you will see why it’s worth seeing.

The office towers has this trappy skylit socket which has a series of wangle walkways, stairs and elevators, built using wood, iron and brick.

It was built in the early 80s by gold-mining millionaire Lewis L. Bradbury. You may plane recognize this towers from the movie Blade Runner, or as the official office of the Mayor of LA.

If you’re not familiar with the film, you should be sure to visit this towers anyway. The towers is a private office space, except for the ground floor which is unshut to the public.

14. Visit the Wholesale Museum

exterior of the wholesale LA

The Broad is flipside trendy art museum that’s hugely popular. In fact, the line was far too long for me to contemplate joining the self-ruling tour of this trendy art museum.

But you can save time and energy by booking tickets in advance.

It became increasingly popular without the inclusion of the Infinity Mirror Rooms by Japanese versifier Yayoi Kusama.

But there are unquestionably increasingly than 2,000 pieces in the museum from Eli and Edythe Broad’s collection. Moreover in the gallery are works by iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jeff Koons.

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Places to Eat & Drink in Downtown LA

Apart from the same Grand Inside Markets, Upstairs and Perch bar here are a few other places I enjoyed eating and drinking at in Downtown Los Angeles.

Juice Crafters

b;ueberry smoothie on table Juice crafters LA

LA smoothie love

Juice Crafters became my go to for my morning smoothie. For those who follow me on Snapchat, you know I have a slight smoothie addiction.

They nailed it with their Pacific Love smoothie well-constructed with bee pollen and royal jelly. Love the goodness of the bees! Their untried juices were moreover great.

Bar Ama

Bar Ama Downtown LA

Bar Ama!

A dimly lit a Tex-Mex cantina, Bar Ama came highly recommended to me as the place for succulent Mexican food.

I had the AMÁ’S ENCHILADAS –  carrot sofrito, queso fresco, potato. I really didn’t know what many of those words meant, but it sounded good so I took a punt.

It was a little small and expensive, but succulent and paired beautifully with my glass of white wine that I could not pronounce!

I was disappointed I missed their nachos hour at the bar by a couple of minutes. I had to sit at the bar anyway as it was super busy! Make a reservation if you visit.

Apparently, the fluffy tacos and mescal based drinks are the things to be seen having at Bar Ama.

Beelman’s Pub

Beelmans pub Donwtown LA

Beelmans pub Donwtown LA

If you’re looking for some pub grub, Beelman’s Pub is a pretty tomfool place to hang out.

You can sit outside and watch the DTLA life go by. There are happy hours every afternoon and decently priced meals.

It was my first meal in Downtown LA, and the first of many fish tacos! They were delicious. I highly recommend pairing it with a trencher of chili lime edamames!

I loved all the music memorabilia on the wall. It seemed to be a bit of a local’s favourite and a tomfool meeting place.

Fun in the Conga Room

Now y’all might visit and not have the incredible DJ Fulano as your DJ like we did. He was the host of our final BlogHer party. They outdid themselves.

Not only did he play the weightier music I’ve heard from a DJ in a very long time, he is only 13, and has worked live events for such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, President Clinton and Diane von Furstenber since he was 9!

No wonder he knows to spin such archetype tunes.

Spin those tunes

The Conga Room is in the LA Live zone and is known as one of the hottest clubs in Downtown LA and often frequented by celebrities.

We grabbed a spot out on the balcony so we could yack with each other, but kicked up our heels for a bit of dancing on the way out. Snapchat and Instagram stories followers got the inside squint at that!

The Library Bar

The Library Bar was our next stop without The Conga Room. It was a bit increasingly of a mellow place to hang out with its book-lined walls and leather couches.

I found the music a little too loud for its style that seemed to encourage intimate conversations.

We only hung virtually for one drink, but it’s worth checking out. It’s well known for its cocktail happy hour.

Casey’s Irish Pub

Caseys Irish Pub Downtown La

Photo: Linnea Stephan

You just can’t write-up an Irish pub right? Particularly as your last stop for the night.

Casey’s is an underground pub that once was a unstipulated store and a Turkish Bath House. It has a lot of character, unconfined Guinness, live music, and games like pool in the outdoor patio, and basketball hoop shooting. Fun place to be!


Places to Stay in Downtown LA

If you’re still looking for somewhere to stay in Downtown LA, then here are some places we loved.

My friends stayed at the Sheraton Grand, so I went when to their room a couple of times. It looked fantastic and the location is inside to many of the buzzing restaurants and nightlife.

I stayed at the J. W. Marriott in the LA Live area, next to the Staples Centre and where most of the nightlife is. It was well-appointed and the location is moreover excellent.

You may enjoy the glamorous downtown shop hotel Hotel Indigo, which we moreover stayed in and loved!

Check out for increasingly places to stay in LA 

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Getting Virtually Downtown LA

When it comes to getting virtually downtown LA, it’s pretty easy. I either walked or used Uber. There wasn’t any need to use public transportation, other than getting to downtown.

Uber and other ride share apps like Lyft and RideGuru tend to be cheaper than the Yellow cab taxis. You can moreover get a metro bus and there is moreover a metro, though you probably won’t need to use it to get virtually downtown.

If you are staying in other parts of LA and need to get to downtown, the metro train station is Downtown Union Station.

And of course, there is unchangingly the sightseeing hop on, hop off bus.

Check out increasingly well-nigh RideGuru in this review post, a way to find the cheapest way to get virtually a destination.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Downtown LA

Downtown LA is one of the coolest places in California and has so much to see and do in such a small area.

Whether you’re looking for scenic viewpoints, hip bars to party in, or plane just want to kick when in one of the movie theaters – downtown LA has it all.

I hope this guide helped you plan your trip to LA and gave you some inspiration for what to do there.

Before you go, yellowish in mind that saturdays and sundays are heaving with tourists so try to plan your visit for midweek if you can.