Wisconsin Bike Trails to Explore Near Madison

Cheese, beer, supper clubs, football, cows, and old fashioneds…this is what comes to mind for me when I think of Wisconsin. And I must shoehorn – I love all of these things and these vacated are things that would spur me to take a vacation in Wisconsin. However – I want to add one thing to that list that you may not have thought of surpassing – Wisconsin velocipede trails.

Ok, ok, maybe you aren’t a biker – but if you are reading my blog, then you are probably someone who loves the outdoors and is zippy – or at least hoping to be. Thanks to electric bikes and unconfined velocipede paths, you don’t need to be an expert cyclist to hop on the Wisconsin velocipede trails. But – you do need to love the outdoors and adventure. So surpassing you poo-poo this wanderlust in Wisconsin vacation idea – requite me a few increasingly paragraphs.

Wisconsin Velocipede Routes
A perfect wanderlust landscape – Wisconsin

Close your eyes…when you visualize Wisconsin what comes to mind? Rolling hills of green, gentle rivers flowing through the countryside, cows and farms dotting the landscapes, small towns, friendly people? These are all of the ingredients to perfect cycling routes! Wisconsin has taken this landscape (urban and rural) and turned it into a wanderlust paradise. I specifically went to explore Wisconsin and its plentiful velocipede trails. But don’t worry – I’ve moreover included non-biking things to do virtually the region.

Biking in Madison

The velocipede culture in Madison Wisconsin is just as strong as the beer, cheese, and supper club culture! Madison is unceasingly ranked as a top wanderlust municipality in the US – withal with places like Portland, Austin, and Fort Collins. The 200 miles of paths and lanes in the municipality are impressive. Plus, they have velocipede share programs making it easy to hop on a velocipede and explore – or just use it to get virtually the bike-loving city. There are moreover rentals misogynist at Machinery Row Bicycle Shop if you are looking for something increasingly personalized to your needs.

In addition, Madison is literally centered virtually 2 trappy lakes, and one of the most popular velocipede trails in Madison is the Lake Loop.

Madison Lake Loop Velocipede Trail

Looking for some gentle urban wanderlust where you can stop for ice surf or a beer in the middle of your route?! I rode the 13-mile Lake Monona Loop which covers downtown, lake neighborhoods, and the lakefront. It’s all sign-marked really well – nearly untellable to get lost! It was the perfect way for me to explore increasingly of Madison outside of the main municipality center. Wanderlust is a perfect pace to get a finger for the variegated neighborhoods and the lake views were gorgeous!

Check out this article to requite you a snapshot of what you’ll encounter on your Loop, and where to stop for ice cream!

Madison’s BCycle Program

BCycle velocipede share program is all e-bikes, so if you find yourself a little weary, you’ll have a nice squire from the motor. The power-assist only works when you pedal. It gives you a uplift as you pedal, so you finger like the wind is unchangingly at your back. I loved getting a little ‘push’ occasionally as I slowly went through the neighborhoods.

Other Things to Do in Madison In Between Biking

Rest your legs and hop in a kayak and get out on Lake Monona. It’s a unconfined way to relax a bit and enjoy the view.

If you are there on a Saturday, then make sure you throne to the Madison Farmer’s Market virtually the capitol towers for fresh, locally prepared supplies and produce.

I moreover suggest a tour of the capitol towers as capitol tours are unchangingly fascinating and Wisconsin is no exception. Or trammels out one of the many Madison experiences virtually town…and swoop deeper into quintessential Madison culture.

If you love mixology as I do, then be sure to stop by Oz by Oz and get the 4 quintessential Wisconsin cocktails.

Finally – treat yourself to a unique Wisconsin eating wits at a Wisconsin Supper Club. Here are a few of my favorite supper clubs virtually Madison.

Where to Stay in Madison

If you are in Wisconsin for a biking-focused trip – then of undertow you want to stay at the Trek-owned Mansion Hill Inn. Trek Bikes is headquartered just outside of Madison, so it’s not surprising that they own a property like this in Madison. They use it for visiting partners and employees to utilize if traveling to Madison. However – it is moreover unshut to the public.

Mansion Hill Inn Wanderlust Hotel Madison

The 10-room luxury shop hotel is perfectly located within walking loftiness of Capitol Square, State Street, and the University of Wisconsin campus set in an old mannerly Madison neighborhood.

I stayed there and loved the shop finger and succulent breakfast. The rooms were spacious, the staff offered impeccable service, and there’s a BCycle station at the house! I guess it pays to be owned by Trek.

Check prices and availability for the Mansion Hill Inn | Read reviews for the Mansion Hill Inn on Trip Advisor | Search for other hotels in Madison

Wisconsin Velocipede Trails Outside of Madison

Janesville Wisconsin Wanderlust a Glacier’s Path

Only an hour’s momentum from Madison is Janesville. Janesville is known as “Wisconsin’s Park Place” thanks to its 2000 acres of parks. This municipality is untried – and the perfect place to go biking! I crush there with my velocipede and stayed the night – but you could moreover trundling there from Madison on backroads if you prefer.

Ice Age Trail

I biked a section of Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail that went through Janesville. The Ice Age Trail winds through the unshortened state for over 1000 miles pursuit the whet of the last continental glacier in Wisconsin. Janesville has well-nigh 20 miles of trail going through numerous parks and withal the river. I spent a morning enjoying the scenic trail going through the heart of the municipality and then out into the rural outskirts of Janesville.

The trail was well-marked and in unconfined condition. If you don’t bring your own bike, you can rent a velocipede from Velocity Downtown Vita & Rentals in Janesville. Velocipede rentals are misogynist including e-bikes and fat tire bikes.

Other Things to Not Miss in Janesville

Stop in at the uber-local Citrus Cafe for breakfast. This is a quintessential small town café, where everyone knows everyone and the ‘regulars’ are so well known that they walk in and just order ‘the usual’. If you are a visitor, like me, then you’ll need to ask for a menu. The portions are large and the orange juice is freshly squeezed!

Make sure you take a stroll withal the Public Art Trail that winds through town.

Visit the Botanical Gardens – it’s right withal the Ice Age Trail – the perfect stop for a velocipede break! And for a bit increasingly exercise – hike Devil’s Staircase. This trail is in town – but you’ll finger like you are far from town as it envelopes you in trees in a rolling trail withal the river bluffs. You can moreover hands velocipede to this trailhead too.

Where to Stay in Janesville Wisconsin

Cobblestone Hotel and Suites is the perfect location for anyone hoping to hop on the velocipede trails. The Ice Age Trail runs right by the hotel withal the river. Everything is within walking loftiness of this well-located hotel.

Check prices and availability for the Cobblestone Hotel and Suites | Read reviews for the Cobblestone Hotel and Suites on Trip Advisor | Search for other hotels in Janesville

New Glarus Wisconsin Wanderlust and Beer

Before the New Glarus brewery made the town name a staple in Wisconsin culture, the little Wisconsin town was making quite a splash as the ‘Little Switzerland of America’. This region is where the Swiss settled in Wisconsin and they made themselves right at home…literally. The immigrants built Swiss-style buildings, churches, and bakeries.

New Glarus Wisconsin

I must admit, to see a Swiss tall towers in the middle of Wisconsin dairy country is quite a weird sight.

Bike the Sugar River Wisconsin State Trail

The Sugar River State Trail follows an x-rated railroad line in south inside Wisconsin for 24 miles from New Glarus to Brodhead. Fourteen trestle bridges navigate over the Sugar River and its tributaries, while the trail passes by farmlands, woods, rolling hills, and remnant prairies.

I biked 30 miles withal the Sugar River State Trail from New Glarus to Albany going through the small town of Monticello. I ran out of time to do the unshortened route to Brodhead – but you could hands make a fun day out of this trail by stopping for lunch in Albany or Broadhead surpassing turning virtually and heading when to New Glarus.

The rail trail is gravel/crushed stone – so you will need increasingly rugged tires for the trail. The majority of the trail was unappetizing or very gradual grades since it was an old rail line. In wing to the cute trestle bridges, it seemed like most of the time you were protected in the shade of a canopy of big trees. I ran into a number of other bikers withal the trail too which made it fun. Just remember you will need to purchase a state trail pass for $5.

Sugar River State Trail Map

Other Things to Do in New Glarus

Take a tour of the infamous Wisconsin brewery that I unchangingly thought put New Glarus on the map. New Glarus Brewing has a number of unique things well-nigh them, but one of the most surprising things is that they only sell their beers in Wisconsin. They offer self-guided tours of the factory and a big, trappy outdoor beer garden where you can try specialized brews you likely won’t find in other places.

Make sure you moreover take the time to squint virtually and enjoy the Swiss-inspired town. And stop by Ott Hause bar for a burger and a beer (I’m a bit partial to this one!).

Where to Stay in New Glarus Wisconsin

I stayed at the Chalet Landhaus Inn while in New Glarus. This is a large hotel with a Swiss exterior and interior, restaurant, and bar. It’s within walking loftiness to anything you want to do in town, however, you will have to momentum or velocipede to the New Glarus Brewery (1.5 miles away). The velocipede trail goes right past the when of the Inn so it’s very user-friendly for bikers!

Check prices and availability for the Chalet Landhaus Inn | Read reviews for the Chalet Lanhaus Inn on Trip Advisor

Badger State Trail and Dairy Sublet Stay

If you are willing to do a little increasingly of an venture that moreover includes a key piece of Wisconsin culture – then I have a fun route for you for a 2-day trundling from Madison. This will take a bit increasingly planning on your part and a stay at a very unique Airbnb. I didn’t do this personally – but I did sections of it and know that it can pretty hands fit together in an epic Wisconsin velocipede trip.

Badger State Trail

This is a 40-mile rail trail that goes from Madison to Clarno. It’s tile as you leave Madison and then turned to crushed stone. Take the shady Badger State trail south to Monticello (about 20 miles) and then throne east on backroads to Wegmueller Dairy Sublet (another 4.2 miles).

Badger State Wanderlust Trail Wisconsin

Badger State Trail Map

Wegmueller Dairy Sublet and Airbnb

Here are the facts – most of the dairy producers in Wisconsin are large mega-farms. Over the decades small family farms have been bought out by large producers going the way of most of the farming/agriculture industry. There are still a few family farms left – but they’ve been forced to think out of the box as a way to survive – and that’s exactly what Dan Wegmueller did when he bought the family sublet from his father.

Experience life on an zippy 4th-generation Brown Swiss dairy sublet in the rolling hills of Untried County Wisconsin. Take as much of a hands-on tideway as you like. Feed a victual calf, milk a cow, befriend a horse (they offer horse riding), or just enjoy the relaxing and peaceful serenity of rural Wisconsin sublet life. This is a real working sublet with 50 heads of cattle, pigs, and horses. Stay in the newly remodeled farmhouse with four bedrooms (sleeps up to 9) and two baths. The Wegmeuller Sublet stay can be booked through Airbnb.

I visited the sublet and did a well-constructed sublet tour (available to all guests) with Dan and was mesmerized by the education on farming that I received. If you overly wanted to learn increasingly well-nigh America’s sublet industry – Dan is your guy.

After the optional morning sublet chores and a hearty sublet breakfast in the morning, take when off on your velocipede on the backroads towards Broadhead (14 miles) and meet up with the Sugar River State Trail riding on to Monticello. Have lunch in Montecello and from there you can reservation the Badger State Trail when into Madison. This two-day venture is perfect for someone that really wants to immerse themselves in Wisconsin!

Trek Travel Self-Guided Velocipede Tour from Madison

If you love wanderlust as a way to see a municipality or rural zone but want to leave all of the nuts, bolts, and logistics to someone else – I have the wordplay – Trek Travel! Trek Travel offers self-guided trips from the trappy Mansion Hill Inn to little communities virtually Madison. They handle everything; a world-class bike, accommodation, route, turn-by-turn directions, and stop suggestions. All you have to do is wake up and go!

The route took me from Madison to Bellville stopping in Paoli for lunch (this is a part of their larger Trek Travel Madison Self-Guided Trips.

I unprofane this 50-mile ride through rolling farmland with plenty of cows and corn to alimony me company! I used their GPS directions on my phone app and was worldly-wise to get turn-by-turn directions for their route. It took me through the municipality on velocipede trails and out to the outskirts to meet up with the state-maintained Wisconsin Velocipede Trail system. And once I was all the way out of the municipality and surrounded by corn, my app directed me onto when country roads full of rolling hills with little traffic and lots of big views.

Get Off the Velocipede in Paoli Wisconsin

How can an unincorporated town have so much tomfool stuff? I’d like to say it’s a subconscious gem – but in talking to the locals, it’s not so subconscious any longer. Right withal the Sugar River, this 2 woodcut town is a unconfined stopping point for road trippers and bikers. This unincorporated town plane has a velocipede shop!

There are a number of options for lunch in the little town of Paoli. If you are looking for something a bit increasingly refined and healthy (don’t worry – you can come in your velocipede clothes!), trammels out the Paoli Schoolhouse Bistro. The one-room schoolhouse was built in 1854. The Schoolhouse was last used as a school in 1972 by the Belleville School District. It now serves up succulent lunch and dinner with fresh local ingredients and inventive cocktails.

If you are looking for something a bit increasingly laid when and quick, trammels out the Mill in Paoli. The historic stone Mill is home to a hodgepodge of boutiques, wright supplies makers, instillation purveyors, and hospitality providers in an idyllic park setting. I suggest you pick up a burrito from Molino Taqueria.

With the hardest part of your ride once completed, I moreover suggest you grab a beer at the Hop Garden and sit outside by the river and enjoy a little downtime! Granted – if you are riding you can’t drink much, but Hop Garden is a really tomfool brewery. They grow their own hops for their succulent small-batch beer! I visited their tap room at the Mill in Paoli and I moreover went to visit their sublet to see their unshortened hop-growing operation – from sublet to tap! They are one of the few breweries in Wisconsin growing their own hops.

This longer ride out to Bellville and through Paoli was a highlight of my time exploring Madison by bike! This was just one day of the 4-day Trek Travel Self-Guided Madison trip. Consider the Trek Travel Self-Guided trip like the spokes of a wheel with the Mansion Hill Inn in Madison at the center, and then you take 4 variegated velocipede days out of Madison and when based on the itinerary. Eat in and enjoy Madison every evening, and go out and explore by velocipede during the day outside of Madison. For the velocipede enthusiast – this Trek Travel itinerary would be a perfect way to wits Wisconsin biking!

Trek Travel offers Self Guided Trips like this all over the world where they take superintendency of all of the planning and all you have to do is ride.

Biking Gear to Bring With You

If you are renting a bike, it will normally come with a helmet, lock, and water bottles. However, you may want to bring your own if you have a preference.

Here are some of the essential things I bring on wanderlust vita that will make your travel on the Wisconsin velocipede trails increasingly comfortable.

Pearl Izumi Cycling UPF 50 Sun Protection Arm Sleeve
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These are a unconfined easy layer for unprepossessed mornings that roll up really small and can fit in the when of your jersey when you get hot.

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No matter what type of biker you are (beginner, e-biker, self-sustaining velocipede traveler, touring velocipede traveler, urban biker, or long-distance cyclist) using Madison as your home wiring for your Wisconsin wanderlust vita is a unconfined strategy. As you can see there are a lot of options for velocipede enthusiasts and other curious travelers. So pack your bags, padded shorts, and get out on the Wisconsin Velocipede Trails!