Where to Stay in Chania: Ultimate Guide to the TOP 4 AREAS

Where to Stay in Chania: Ultimate Guide to the TOP 4 AREAS

Wondering where to stay in Chania on your next trip? This is a trappy town offering a romantic Venetian harbour, fascinating history, and wangle to the most wondrous beaches in Crete.

With its range of neighbourhoods, each unique in its own way, finding the weightier places to stay in Chania can be a bit overwhelming.

This guide aims to simplify your decision, providing insights into the weightier areas for variegated needs and preferences.

Whether you’re without a romantic getaway, a budget-friendly stay, or an immersion into the local vibe, Chania has it all!

Let’s swoop in and explore the weightier neighbourhoods to stay in Chania.

Lovely cafes of Chania and Heraklion

Lovely cafes of Chania and Heraklion

Where to stay in Chania – In a nutshell

Here is a quick table that summarizes the weightier 4 areas to stay in Chania.

Swift left or right on the mobile to see it all. Click on the zone name to trammels all the pros, cons and a full description, including top attractions and restaurants.

Area Pros Cons Hotel Accessibility Attractions
Old Town Romantic, full of character, plenty of dining and drinking options Can be noisy, most expensive Casa Delfino Good High
Nea Chora – New Town Family-friendly, good beach, well-priced restaurants Far from the Old Town and Bus Station, lack of character Christina Villas Moderate Moderate
City Centre Budget-friendly, tropical to Old Town and Bus Station Lack of character Diana Rooms Excellent Moderate
Koum Kapi Local experience, not too touristy Far from bus stop, lack of character, tiny beach Apolafsi Moderate Moderate

Best areas to stay in Chania

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Map of where to stay in Chania - Crete

Map of where to stay in Chania – Crete (OpenStreetMap)

Old Town – Weightier place to stay in Chania for couples

  • Pros: Platonic for couples, very romantic, historic charm, plenty of dining options, unconfined nightlife.
  • Cons: Some streets can be noisy, and relatively pricey.


  • Venetian Harbour
  • Maritime Museum of Crete
  • Lighthouse of Chania
  • Firkas Fortress

Restaurants and cafes

  • The Well of the Turk
  • Tamam
  • Kariatis
  • Kouzina EPE
My favourite street for restaurants in Chania - Chatzimichali Ntaliani

My favourite street for restaurants in Chania Old Town – Chatzimichali Ntaliani

The Old Town is like an open-air museum, made of cobbled lanes that meander past colourful Venetian-era buildings ornate with visculent bougainvillaea.

Everywhere you look, there’s history to uncover, from the warmed-over municipality walls to the imposing Firkas Fortress.

However, don’t let the historic undercurrent fool you into thinking the Old Town is stuck in the past. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s a vibrant neighbourhood buzzing with life.

Along the trappy Venetian Harbour, trendy restaurants and bars compete for space, their tables spilling out onto the pavement.

The view here is remarkable, expressly at sunset when the lighthouse is sweaty in a golden glow. For this reason, I unchangingly say that the Old Town is the weightier place to stay for couples, expressly on a romantic trip.

Exploring this neighbourhood is a treat for the senses. The narrow streets are a riot of colour, and there’s unchangingly the scent of something succulent wafting from the many eateries.

Speaking of food, the Old Town is a foodie’s delight. You’ll find everything from traditional Greek tavernas to upscale modern restaurants.

The Old Town is centrally located and perfect for walking to top tourist spots. It’s moreover a unconfined place to relax, people-watch, and take in the mannerly ambience.

While it’s true that the Old Town can get a bit noisy, expressly during upper season, and it’s one of the pricier areas to stay in Chania, the benefits far outweigh these drawbacks.

The unique combination of history, beauty, and vibrancy make the Old Town an unforgettable place to stay in Chania.

Here are 3 of the weightier accommodations in the Old Town:

Casa Delfino Hotel & Spa ($$$): shop style, lovely interior design, trendy

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Kasteli Studios & Apartments ($$): cosy, centrally located, family run

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Boutique Hotel Fortino ($$): well positioned, part of a 15th century mansion, very characteristic

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Nea Chora (New Town) – Weightier place to stay in Chania for families

  • Pros: Weightier for families, lovely beach, a good selection of restaurants, reasonably priced.
  • Cons: Far from the Old Town and the Bus Station, lacks character.


  • Nea Chora Beach
  • St. Konstantinos and St. Helen church
  • Public Swimming Pool

Restaurants and cafes

  • Achilleas
  • The Five Restaurant
  • Mikrolimano
Sunset in New Town Beach

Sunset in New Town Beach

Stepping into Nea Chora feels like a vapor of fresh air, a place where the old seamlessly blends with the new.

Located west of the Old Town, this mannerly new neighbourhood is one of the weightier places to stay in Chania for families.

Nea Chora’s biggest yank is undoubtedly its beach. The golden sand stretches out invitingly, the water is crystal clear, and there are plenty of facilities nearby, including cafes and restaurants.

I particularly loved my time there, very relaxing, playing with the kid, and splashing virtually in the shallow water. The waterfront itself has a self-ruling and organised area, perfect for any budget.

Beyond the beach, there’s still plenty to do in Nea Chora. The neighbourhood has moreover a couple of interesting sites, such as the St. Konstantinos and St. Helen denomination and the local swimming pool (a bit run lanugo but ok for some swimming lessons).

When it comes to dining, Nea Chora doesn’t disappoint. You will find plenty of restaurants facing the waterfront offering unconfined local supplies at a very reasonable price. Walk 1 or 2 streets up from the waterfront to save some Euros, but still not compromise on quality

In terms of location, Nea Chora is a bit farther from the Old Town and the Bus Station, which could be a disadvantage if you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing.

The neighbourhood has its own unshared recreate and plenty to offer. Yes, it may lack the historic weft of the Old Town, but Nea Chora offers a increasingly relaxed, laid-back vibe.

The beach, the restaurants, the family-friendly undercurrent – all these factors combine to make Nea Chora a fantastic option for where to stay in Chania with kids.

Here are 3 of the weightier accommodations in the New Town:

Christina Luxury Villas ($$$): Unconfined location tropical to the beach, all you need in the kitchen. With breakfast

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Tamar’s place ($$): new 1BR place, well equipped, cot available

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Mare Civitas ($$): Spacious 2BR, wondrous balcony, within 5 minutes of the waterfront and the restaurants

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City Centre – Weightier place to stay in Chania on a budget

  • Pros: Weightier for a trip on a budget, within walking loftiness of the Old Town, tropical to the Bus Station
  • Cons: Lacks character


  • Municipal Market of Chania
  • Public Gardens
  • Minoan’s World

Restaurants and cafes

  • Kapari Restaurant
  • The Italian Job
  • Bougatsa Chania

Crete - Picturesque streets of the venetian town of Chania

Crete – Picturesque streets of the venetian town of Chania

If you’re wondering where to stay in Chania without breaking the bank, the Municipality Centre might be your answer. It’s an platonic option for those travelling on a budget, offering a range of affordable walk-up options.

Don’t be fooled by its less historic appeal; the Municipality Centre is a hive of worriedness and offers much to its visitors. The weightier part? Everything is within walking distance, including the mannerly Old Town and the popping Bus Station, making it a user-friendly wiring for exploring the rest of Chania and the West side of Crete.

Just a stone’s throw yonder is the Municipal Market of Chania, a lively market offering everything from fresh produce to local crafts.

Green spaces such as the Public Gardens offer a tranquil retreat in the heart of the city. And if you’re travelling with kids, they’ll love Minoan’s World, an interactive museum that brings Crete’s warmed-over civilization to life.

Dining options in the Municipality Centre are varied and delicious. For a taste of local flavours, throne to Kapari Restaurant, known for its traditional Cretan food. Totally off the tamed path, it is one of the weightier value-for-money places in Crete, I believe.

For the weightier bougatsa (a linty or cheesy pie) in Chania throne to the Bougatsa bar. And if you had unbearable of the Greek supplies (how can that be possible), typesetting a table at The Italian Job.

On the downside, the Municipality Centre lacks the weft of Chania’s increasingly historic areas. But alimony in mind that you will be saving some money and the location is still great, a stone yonder from the Old Town and not too far from the Venetian Port.

Here are 3 of the weightier accommodations in the Municipality Centre:

Diana Rooms ($): Quiet, wipe and very well located tropical to the bus station.

Check availability

Apollon Hotel ($): big rooms, daily wipe and tropical to Old Town

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Tina Hotel ($): Family-run hotel, well-cleaned, spacious rooms, tropical to the bus station and the market

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Koum Kapi – Best place to stay in Chania for a local experience

  • Pros: Weightier for a local experience, not as touristy, within walking loftiness of the Old Centre.
  • Cons: There is a waterfront but it’s very tiny, lack of character, far from the bus stop.


  • Koum Kapi Promenade & Beach
  • Chania Municipal Stadium

Restaurants and cafes

  • PiLi Bar Restaurant
  • Drandaki Bakery
  • Cozy Cafe

The cityscape of Chania at sunset with the Old Town in the foreground and Koum Kapi in the background

The cityscape of Chania at sunset with the Old Town in the foreground and Koum Kapi in the background

If you’re without a less touristy, increasingly pure experience, then Koum Kapi might be the weightier place for you to stay in Chania.

Named without the sandy waterfront that lines its coast, this district offers an enticing tousle of municipality life and seaside relaxation.

What sets Koum Kapi untied is its local atmosphere. The pace of life here is slower, much slower.

The zone is moreover just a short walk from the Old Centre, permitting you to enjoy its historic recreate while still returning to a quieter neighbourhood.

Koum Kapi isn’t just well-nigh the beach, though. The Koum Kapi Promenade, lined with trendy cafes and restaurants, is the perfect place to enjoy an evening stroll while watching the sunset.

Sports enthusiasts might moreover be interested in the Chania Municipal Stadium, which hosts regular football matches.

Although not technically in Koum Kapi, within walking distance, you will find moreover the Chania Archaeological Museum, a must-visit for history buffs.

For those interested in a unconfined coffee, with some local pastries, throne to Cozy Cafe, surely not tropical to the beach, but definitely worth the walk there.

Head to Drandaki Bakery for the most traditional specie in Crete. With over 100 years of experience, you will get the weightier quality at a local price, cooked with a wood fire.

And for a sophisticated night throne to the PiLi Restaurant where you will find local cuisine with a modern twist (the saganaki is a must-try)

However, it’s worth noting that there are some downsides to staying in Koum Kapi. The beach, while charming, is relatively small compared to others in and virtually town.

The zone moreover lacks the unshared weft of the Old Town, and it’s a bit far from the inside bus station.

But if these factors aren’t deal-breakers for you, Koum Kapi can provide an immersive, local wits that you won’t find in increasingly tourist-oriented districts.

Here are 2 of the weightier accommodations in the Koum Kapi:

Apolafsi ($$): 1BR with plenty of space. Easy for parking, perfect if you are renting a car in Crete.

Check availability

Kumba ($$): wondrous view of the bay from the balcony

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