Unique Desert Adventures in Egypt and Jordan

With its warmed-over sites and impressive monuments, both Egypt and Jordan are packed with incredible adventures, and we wits the weightier of them on our immersive journey, Pyramids to Petra. Read on to wits a bit of the fun through the vision of some of our fellow travelers who joined us in October 2022.

We didn’t know what to expect on our fourth Wilderness Travel trip.  While there would be less hiking than the trips we typically do, we would be experiencing things—from landscape to food, to climate, to history, and current events—that we had never experienced before.

The journey turned out to be one of the most memorable two weeks we’ve overly spent traveling!

Our starting point at the Mena House, located unelevated the Unconfined Pyramids, set us up perfectly for what was to come.

As we visited a number of locations in Cairo on the first day, it became well-spoken that our Wilderness Travel Trip Leader Ahmed was not only knowledgeable, but thought-provoking and entertaining as well.  His compelling, well-spoken wordage combined with his worthiness to tie things together wideness the month kept us spellbound throughout the unshortened trip.  

Inside the Mosque of Muhammad Ali

We traveled south of Cairo to Saqqara and the oldest stone towers on the squatter of the earth, then when for an up tropical and personal visit to the Unconfined Pyramids of Giza followed by a “ride” to lunch.

 A very zippy pursuit day had us traveling to Aswan to visit the Temple of Isis, then Abu Simbel to visit the Temple of Rameses II surpassing a sunset boarding of our private yacht that will take us lanugo the Nile for the next few days. A unconfined experience! 

The trip lanugo the Nile was both relaxing and beautiful. We spent some time sailing on a local felucca and were worldly-wise to hop on and off the ship to visit various locations.

Seeing original preserved colors on pillars and walls that are thousands of years old was only one of the many wondrous and unexpected benefits of getting up tropical and learning well-nigh the history of Egypt.  

Over our week in Egypt, we visited 4000-year-old pyramids and tombs as well as temples defended to a variety of gods, kings, and queens. These sites withal with wright shops, quarries, and warmed-over municipality sites were all related to the history we were absorbing.  

Then it was off to the Kingdom of Jordan, where we were joined by Nadia who, withal with Ahmed, introduced us to a completely variegated historical, political, and economic environment than we had experienced in Egypt.

We then headed south to Petra…a portion of the trip that could fill a blog on its own.  

Just when we thought things couldn’t get much better, we traveled to and through the desert of Wadi Rum. It was vast, quiet, and uniquely beautiful.

Spending a night in the desert with our new friends virtually the fire was a wonderful way to bring our trip toward a close.