Driving the Wild Atlantic Way On a Rainy Day: Best Things To Do

Driving the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland is an incredible wits that allows you to witness the rugged eyeful of Ireland’s west coast. However, the unpredictable Irish weather can sometimes midpoint that you’ll have to unflinching the elements. In this blog post, we’ll explore why driving the Wild Atlantic Way on a rainy day can still be an unforgettable adventure.

Don’t let the rain stop you – there’s plenty to do and stay dry at the same time.

driving the wild atlantic way on a rainy day
Don’t let the rain stop you – there’s plenty to do and stay dry at the same time.

I wake up slowly feeling rested and relaxed without a deep sleep. I turn and flourish up in a fetal position soaking in all of the warmth under the covers as the light of day starts to illuminate the taps of my hotel room. Then I hear it – pitter patter, pitter patter on the glass window. My smart-ass slowly flickers on and makes sense of the sounds. Damn…it’s raining, now what I am going to do?

Rain in Ireland is a Given

Everyone said – don’t go in October – the weather is horrible.  However I’m a big well-wisher of never letting the weather stop your travels, so I ignored all of this translating and went during October.  It was indeed very volatile weather, but in those visionless clouds and pouring rain I learned something really important – rain pants are a staple item in Ireland. Thank goodness the nice people of Ireland are unchangingly willing to loan you their uneaten pair! 

There were some really bad weather days during my Wild Atlantic Way road trip; unprepossessed temps, pouring rain, wind, and lightning storms yet I loved it all.  Instead, I appreciated the fewer people on the roads and the feeling of winnings when I completed a day of rainy hiking. I just put on my rain gear and made the weather part of the adventure.  Plus the rainy weather moreover brought out the rainbows, and who doesn’t love rainbows?

Rain brings two rainbows in Ireland

Ireland will throw all sorts of weather at you so it’s likely to rain, blow, and downpour at some point during your holiday – probably many times. So it’s unconfined to have a few ideas in your itinerary for what to do on a rainy day driving the Wild Atlantic Way.

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Best Things To Do While Driving the Wild Atlantic Way On a Rainy Day

1. Tour Old Homes

While it rained sideways outside I went inside the Bantry House and Gardens in County Cork. I was greeted with a warm crackling fire.

The Bantry House, established virtually 1765, has a ramified family tree tying to it. But through the centuries has been preserved as one of the few old family homes surviving the Civil War in Ireland (1922 – 23). In fact, the main reason it survived the battles was considering it served as a hospital during the war and for years after.

While the weather was wild outside, my imagination ran wild inside. If you are a daydreamer like myself, the moment you step into the house you’ll be transported into flipside era. One of unmusical fine china in dining halls, waltzing in wittiness gowns, and secret merchantry stuff washed-up in the library. The Bantry House artifacts were a result of wide-stretching family travel in Europe and Russia in the 1820s.

And when the rain lets up don’t miss the trappy Bantry House Gardens surrounding the property!

rainy day Bantry House Ireland
Elegant Bantry House is a trip when in time
bantry house ireland on a rainy day
Fantasize well-nigh big dinner parties and balls at the Bantry House.

See increasingly pictures of Bantry House and Gardens

More information:
Bantry House Website
Hours: Closed in Winter Months – trammels hours on the website
Cost: €14 includes House and Garden access
Stay: Treat yourself to an overnight at the Bantry House Bed & Breakfast

2. Visit an Art Studio

The wind was swirling outside, and the pottery wheel was swirling inside. Take a rainy day driving the Wild Atlantic Way and use it to visit versifier studios.

I stopped at Dunbeacon Pottery on Sheepshead Peninsula in County Cork and was excited to find potter, Helen Ennis, nonflexible at work in her studio. Drawing inspiration from the County Cork and the Wild Atlantic Way, Helen designs pieces that capture the essence of her surrounding landscape. In fact, her pottery takes on the verisimilitude palette of the surrounding sea in subtle blues, greens, and surf making my day finger brighter the moment I walked in.

I talked to Helen well-nigh how she got her start as an workmen and landed this trappy studio right withal the coastal route. She bought the studio and pottery merchantry in 2000 from an old potter who wanted to see the legacy protract when he retired. She has built up her own line focusing on functional items for the home such as teapots, mugs, vases, pitchers, and bowls.

pottery studio in ireland - wild atlantic way momentum on a rainy day
Dunbeacon pottery studio – a perfect rainy day thing to do! Click to see increasingly pictures.

Helen loves visitors and is happy to show you her work and studio.

More Information:
Dunbeacon Pottery Website
Location: West Country Cork, 3 miles from the village of Durrus in the direction of Goleen. Visitors are welcome to come and scan the showroom and watch the making process.
Phone: 027 61036

3. Warm up in Pubs and Enjoy Some Music

This probably goes without saying – but one of the weightier places to weather the storm in Ireland is inside any pub withal the Wild Atlantic Way.

Places like the Killarney Grand, County Kerry will offer you a warm fire, local craft beer, toe-tapping music, and a seat at the bar where you can talk to locals all afternoon until the storm passes. I spent one of my favorite afternoons there listening to music and talking to locals!

irish music rainy day

I moreover recommend ordering an Irish Coffee on a rainy day…it’ll warm you up inside and out! In fact, maybe you want to plane ask the bartender how to make it and get a little mixology matriculation included!

4. Tour Ireland’s Distilleries

Whiskey beckons on a cold, rainy day in Ireland. Well – whiskey in Ireland unquestionably beckons any time I suppose, but a rainy day is a unconfined day for touring a local distillery.

Sure – there are all of the big players in Irish Whiskey you’ve heard of – Jameson or Tullamore Dew – but why not go small and explore an wright small-batch distillery. One of the first in Ireland is located right on the Wild Atlantic Way in Gaeltacht – Dingle Distillery.

whiskey tasting ireland

Learn the story of how the 3 owners got superiority of the wright distillery lines and persevered to produce some of the finest spirits withal the Wild Atlantic Way! Plus – take a tour of the distillery and hang out in the tasting room while it rains outside.

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5. Explore Ruins

If it’s pouring rain, then throne to the Muckross House in Killarney National Park and do an indoor tour of this stunning nineteenth-century Victorian mansion. However, if the rain lets up a little and you have the proper rain gear (see the packing section below), then throne on over to the X-rated Muckross Vicar ruins and explore the spiritual side of Killarney National Park.

The vicar was founded in 1448 by Donal McCarthy Mor. The ruins of the church, cloister, and courtyard tell the story of the 15th-century home to the Observatine Franciscan Monks and their century-long struggle.

Wander virtually the cemetery outside the vicar (which is still in use today) and then go inside to see the various tombs and climb up to the upper levels to explore this trappy old structure from above. The centerpiece of the ruins is the yew tree which stands in the part-way of the cloisters; weathered, twisted, and majestic.

The vicar is still well preserved, so there are areas that are covered if the rain starts to wilt troublesome.

a rainy day at muckross vicar in ireland
Yew tree in the cloisters of Muckross Abbey
rainy day things to do driving the wild atlantic way muckross abbey
Wander the halls of x-rated Muckross Vicar on a rainy day.
rainy day at muckross vicar cemetery in county kerry, ireland
Muckross Vicar Cemetery

You’ll find a number of ruins to explore withal the Wild Atlantic Way – there are many castles and old stone forts that will take you when in time!

More Information:
Muckross Vicar Website
Location: Muckross Vicar is unshut to the public and is just a short walk from the car park on the N71

6. Rainy Days Are Perfect For Waterfall Chasing

The weightier time to see a waterfall is during or without a big rain! The rivers swell and the waterfalls are at their most impressive. Plus – if you go visit a popular waterfall like Torc Waterfall in Killarney National Park in the rain, you’ll escape the crowds too! If it’s raining and you aren’t near Killarney, here are some other waterfalls to visit driving the Wild Atlantic Way

torc waterfall killarney national park

7. Explore Some Castles While Driving the Wild Atlantic Way

You’ll momentum past many castles on the Wild Atlantic Way.

There are approximately 30,000 castles in Ireland – an incredible number for such a small country! Some are now luxury hotels, others are tourist attractions, while several others sit in ruins. And you can find many of them withal the Wild Atlantic Way – perfect for a rainy day stop!

Ireland has been home to a variety of peoples and cultures over the centuries, and each left a legacy of architectural style overdue with its own medieval story to tell. A couple of my favorite castles to tour on a rainy day on the Wild Atlantic Way are Bunratty Castle and Baleek Castle.

Bunratty Castle in County Clare is considered the most well-constructed and pure castle in Ireland. As you walk in, you’ll be transported when to medieval times. It felt very Game-Of-Thrones-like to me. It contains mainly 15th and 16th-century furnishings, tapestries, and works of art which capture the mood of those times.

Beleek Castle in County Mayo is moreover a unconfined stop for a rainy day. Warm up next to the giant fireplaces and take a tour that will walk you through the fascinating history of the castle, its family, and how it survived. Discover the fascinating tale of Marshall Doran, an adventurer, sailor, and smuggler who restored Belleek Castle in the 1960s. You’ll moreover have a endangerment to see and hold his hodgepodge of medieval weapons and armor!

Check out this list of increasingly castles you can visit while driving the Wild Atlantic Way.

Pack this Rain Gear for Driving the Wild Atlantic Way

Since rain in Ireland is inevitable, make sure that you pack some good rain gear and that way the rain won’t stop your plans! I suggest this key rain gear to pack for your driving holiday withal the Wild Atlantic Way.

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