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Things To Do In Huntsville Ontario | Ultimate Weekend Itinerary

When it gets visionless in the forest, it gets dark. No street lights, porch lights, or car lights, just the light flickering from the stars, the moon, and their reflections in the ripples of the woebegone lake. This, and the spotty internet in the wilderness, is the true definition of unplugging. Unplugging is one of the primary reasons to throne out to Cottage Country’s Muskoka Region. The biggest city/town in Muskoka Region is Huntsville.

Finding things to do in Huntsville Ontario is easy as Huntsville is one of Ontario’s most minion four-season destinations, perfect for an Ontario weekend getaway. This town is a vibrant, vast, and wondrous playground that attracts visitors from every corner of the world to enjoy the serenity and warmth of a small polity nestled amongst the lakes and trees overflowing from nearby iconic Algonquin Provincial Park.

What makes Huntsville so special is connecting everyone’s soul with the outdoors while experiencing everything a flourishing polity can offer. Everybody says hi and is so friendly.

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When to Go to Huntsville, ON

Huntsville is trappy in all seasons, but the most popular time to visit is during the summer. The warmer months indulge you to enjoy all the outdoor activities that this town is known for.

Spring: May – June

Summer: July – August

Fall: September – October 

Winter: November – April

huntsville activities

How to Get to Huntsville

If you’re coming by car, Huntsville is a two-hour momentum north of Toronto or well-nigh an hour and fifteen minutes south of Ottawa. You can moreover fly into the town’s airport, which offers daily flights on Air Canada Jazz from destinations such as Montreal or Quebec City.

If you’re travelling by bus, Greyhound buses depart from Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. If you’re travelling from downtown Toronto, it will take well-nigh four hours to get to Huntsville. There are moreover night bus options available. The buses forfeit between US$37 – US$59.

If you’re travelling by train, VIA Rail offers trains that depart from major cities in Eastern Canada and trek scrutinizingly up to Huntsville. These trips can take four days depending on where your starting point is but are often a much increasingly affordable option than flying into town! However, since you’ll need to take a bus to well-constructed the trip, this form of transportation is not ideal.

huntsville activities

Best Huntsville Things to Do

Huntsville is a quaint, one-of-a-kind town where you can get lost in the magic of nature and discover your own space. The polity offers over 100 restaurants to enjoy succulent cuisine worldwide, 120 kilometres of pristine lakeshore to explore on foot or by boat, and over 300 km of woodland to get lost.

Algonquin Theatre

The Algonquin Theatre has hosted various plays, musical performances, meetings, videos, presentations, and school groups. As you stroll withal the historic streets of downtown Huntsville, you can view the scenic statue statue of Tom Thomson, created by local sculptor Brenda Wainman-Goulet. 

This piece of history incorporated within the Civic Square illustrates the Town’s motto “touch the past, embrace the future.”

huntsville canada points of interest - huntsville theatre (1)

Algonquin Outfitters

Historic downtown Huntsville is Algonquin Outfitters’ home of its largest retail location, with three floors of unconfined gear and suit for outdoor adventures. Located on Main Street, at the Brunel Street intersection, and valuables onto the trappy Muskoka River, the Huntsville store offers an wondrous retail experience. 

It is primarily a specialty outdoor store emphasizing camping equipment, paddlesports, bikes, Alpine and Nordic skis, snowshoes, outdoor clothing, and footwear. Reservation is recommended.

huntsville - algonquin outfitters
huntsville - algonquin outfitters 2 (1)

Muskoka Heritage Place

The Heritage Place is an synthesis of buildings and stories from the zone as it ripened through the late 1800s and into the 1900s. There are costumed Docents throughout to provide a take on the history of the times of the schoolhouse, bakery, and other buildings. A journey that begins with Muskoka’s first people. There are hundreds of artifacts, features, and plane a self-guided scavenger venery that would rencontre all ages. Learn increasingly HERE!

Heritage Place Train Station

It takes unconfined skilled manpower and resourcefulness to operate a historic unstylish railway. Imagine yourself in 1904, heading toward South Portage and Lake of Bays. 

You can take a scenic trip that takes well-nigh 30 minutes withal the Muskoka River onto Fairy Lake Station to see the technical aspects of the railway. There is an oral presentation inside the train.

huntsville ontario - Heritage Place Train Station

Lions Lookout

The Lions Lookout Trail can be accessed at the Forbes Hill Dr and Camp Kitchen Road intersection overdue the Zippy Living Centre at the Canada Summit Centre. The trail follows Camp Kitchen Road withal the Muskoka River to Fairy Lake. It then crosses the Portage Flyer railway tracks and heads up a steep slope to the top of the sports track. 

The trail continues virtually the track, and withal the roadway to Forbes Hill Dr. The view from the top of the track wideness Fairy Lake is magnificent, and the trail is 1.5km long and has steep inclines. So be sure to tackle this surpassing you arrive, and strap on some good hiking shoes.

Huntsville Hikes,
huntsville things to do - Lions Lookout

Canvas Brewing Co.

Canvas Brewing Co. was born from a love for the local landscape and a passion for fresh, well-made craft beer. Their debut mash is a German-inspired lager ale with the flavour of an ale and the well-done finish of a lager. With a sweet, malty zephyr and flavour, Canvas Kolsch finishes dry and refreshingly with a hint of German hops. 

The home of Canvas Brewing Company, the newest craft brewery in the region, was established in downtown Huntsville in late 2018. Located just east of the swing bridge, their brewery will boast two outdoor patios, a taproom with 20 taps and a 3200 sq. ft. event space.

huntsville canada points of interest - Canvas Brewing
huntsville canada points of interest - Canvas Brewing
huntsville canada points of interest - Canvas Brewing

Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery

We talked transiently well-nigh The Group of Seven and their views on the quaint town of Elora before. However, you can explore the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery in Huntsville.

Canada’s iconic painters, The Group of Seven, were known for painting the unique eyeful of our Canadian landscape and not only can reproductions of the Group of Seven’s original pieces can be found virtually downtown Huntsville but spread throughout Muskoka –– 30 murals or so.

Maps are misogynist at the Muskoka Tourism office on Highway 11 and at a few shops in Huntsville. Our dear friend/colleague friend Stephanie talks well-nigh it here: 7 Ontario Group of Seven Locations

Muskoka River

Naturally, you can’t visit Huntsville without taking the time to explore the Muskoka River! The waterfront is the platonic spot to take in the town’s natural beauty, with the Swing Underpass stuff a unconfined place to take in magnificent river views.

huntsville activities

Boat Cruise

Nothing says cottage country increasingly than boats –– well, that and Muskoka Chairs and fishing. If you don’t have a boat, you can take a 45-minute tour virtually Fairy Lake with Tom Thomson Cruises.

The trip will show you all the stunning sights of Muskoka that inspired the iconic art of Tom Thomson.

Best Huntsville Ontario Restaurants

While you’re in Huntsville, treat yourself to the weightier cuisines the town has to offer. Plane largest than their supplies is the beautiful, welcoming undercurrent of these restaurants, chocolatiers and bakeries. You’re sure to walk yonder with a smile on your face.

That Little Place By The Lights

Located downtown Huntsville, a family-owned restaurant resides. That Little Place By The Lights showcased a European vibe in Huntsville and was plane featured on a supplies network show, “You Gotta Eat Here.” 

Serving you various pure Italian dishes such as Italian pasta, gnocchi, and pizza. According to previous customers, the most recommended order here is lasagna, gelato, and ravioli.

Huntsville Brewhouse

The Huntsville brewhouse is known for its brisket sandwich and the weightier veggie and turkey burger in town. With street-facing windows that yank up to welcome in the fresh air, this is the spot to be in the downtown core. 

Its extra-small batch brewing facility includes a full kitchen with a seated topics of 100 people. A cozy environment will encourage you to grab their best-selling trout tacos and fish and fries while sipping your favourite beers and wines.

huntsville things to do - huntsville brewhouse
huntsville things to do - huntsville brewhouse

The Nutty Chocolatier

We were first introduced to this succulent chocolate on a day trip to Port Perry.
The Nutty Chocolatier is an venture into a time when life was slower and sweeter, and the consumer was King. Each of its stores throughout Ontario, Canada, is charmingly old-fashioned. Offering the finest, richest Belgian chocolate, truffles, and hand-crafted chocolate specialties. 

The Nutty Chocolatiers’ incredible variousness of imported candies and an wondrous variety of treats will please all ages. The homemade fudge and “Create Your Own Flavour” yogurt cones, in particular, are to die for.



We’ve been huge fans since we tried BeaverTails during our weekend getaway in Ottawa.
At this little spot, their specialty is in the name. A BeaverTail is often described as a unappetizing donut. It can be dressed with themed toppings, including Apple Pie, Oreo, and Strawberry Cheesecake. 

If sweets aren’t for you, there are a few savoury options, like the Poutail, poutine on a BeaverTail, and the SayCheese, a giant mozzarella cheese stick with a BeaverTail pastry coating. The restaurant has some archetype touches, including a vintage canoe hanging in the seating zone to bring you back.

Seng’s Pure Thai Cuisine

Honest supplies and honest drinks set the foundation of the Seng Thai Cuisines menu. Established in August 2018, SengThai’s menu is inspired by northern Thailand cuisine, which Soukhaserm (owner) says is quite variegated from the food in southern Thailand.

The supplies is healthy and made fresh to order. Their best-selling dishes are pad thai, a stir-fried rice noodle dish, untried curry, and spicy tom yum hot and sour Thai soup.

huntsville muskoka - Seng's Pure Thai Cuisine

Belly Ice Cream

If you’re starving ice surf –– who doesn’t? Throne over to Belly Ice Cream. This local, small-batch creamery has ripened quite the following!

Kawartha Dairy

If you prefer a archetype ice surf joint, squint no remoter than Kawartha Dairy, located on Highway 60 just outside the town centre! Established in 1937, Kawartha Dairy has a range of succulent ice surf flavours. And if you can’t decide which one to go for, why not sample a few surpassing you decide?

Huntsville Nature

If you’re heading to Huntsville, Ontario or the Muskoka Region, it’s most likely to get lost in its natural eyeful and recharge your batteries!

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Arrowhead Provincial Park is a 10-minute momentum north for zippy adventurers or nature lovers.

It’s one of the favourite provincial parks offering various activities year-round. During the winter, visitors can partake in snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice skating withal the trails. Throne to the Big Bend Lookout for that iconic limp lake shot in the fall. During the summer, it’s all well-nigh bird watching, camping and hiking.

The park is home to five trails, all under 3 kilometres. One of the most popular trails is Stubb’s Falls Trail, which leads to a stunning waterfall. Other trails in the park are the Homesteaders Trail and Mayflower Lake Trail.

huntsville attractions - arrowhead provincial park

Huntsville Hikes ON

If hiking is your energy source, we’ve put together an spanking-new and detailed list of Huntsville Hiking trails in Huntsville and the surrounding zone for you to explore, but in a nutshell:

  • Fairy Vista Trail is a 3.4-kilometre path accessed at Fairview Momentum and Hwy #60.
  • Hunter’s Bay Trail is a 4.6-kilometre trail unconfined for wanderlust and hiking.
  • The Unconfined Trail is a 52-kilometre section of the Trans Canada Trail.
  • Lions Lookout Trail is a 1.3-kilometre that can be accessed at Camp Kitchen Road and Forbes Hill Drive.
huntsville campgrounds

Huntsville Fishing Spots

With pristine freshwater lakes, Muskoka offers the perfect fishing grounds for all levels of fishers, from beginner to expert. If you’re the definition of unplugging ways fishing, we put together a unconfined list of Huntsville fishing spots on lakes, rivers, boats, and docks. Some of them include the following:

  • Mary Lake is a unconfined place for Anglers of all levels of wits can find something to enjoy. The lake is teeming with potential catches from smallmouth and largemouth toned to northern pike, lake trout, perch, and sunfish.
  • Lake Vernon is a premier fishing destination in Huntsville. From shore or boat, you’ll find well-healed fish; trout, bass, pike, and walleye. It’s moreover an excellent ice-fishing lake too. 
  • Chub Lake has a variety of fish species to catch, including northern pike, crappie, and walleye.
huntsville fishing spots

Huntsville Camping

If camping is your vice, Huntsville has plenty of spots for couples, friends and families looking to explore the tree-covered hills and sparkling lakes. For anyone seeking to wits the wilds of Ontario, we’ve put together a unconfined list for camping in Huntsville. Here are a few from that list!

  • Arrowhead Provincial Park is Ontario’s most popular camping site. This lakeside destination remains unshut all year round, providing visitors with well-healed natural beauty.
  • Deer Lake RV Resort & Campground Located abreast gorgeous Deer Lake, this 120-acre park has 200 RV sites, each with a picnic table, water and electricity.
  • Lagoon Tent & Trailer Park is perfect if you love the outdoors but don’t love the idea of a tent. Here you can typesetting the campground cottage with everything, including a fully equipped kitchen sink.
  • Muskoka Camping Site is for those looking for something a little quieter.

Map Accommodation in Huntsville, Ontario

Staying in a lovely space can add to your trip to Huntsville. There are gorgeous log cabins, stone houses, and luxurious guest houses to rest your throne and recharge for flipside day of adventure. You could plane set up a tent in one of the unconfined Huntsville campgrounds. Take your pick – you won’t be disappointed.

Cedar Grove Lodge

An eco-friendly cottage resort on trappy Peninsula Lake, Cedar Grove Lodge is stretched withal 1500 feet of picturesque Muskoka shoreline. Many of their log cabins have wood-burning fieldstone fireplaces. Packages include three meals per day which are served in our dining room.  Must try here is to wits “A Muskoka Tradition”.

Muskoka Guest Nest

Here you can find a luxuriously scheduled spacious queen bedroom with a garden view, overhead ceiling fan, and tastefully decorated four-piece ensuite bath. Relax and enjoy your luxury walk-up with a private entrance.

The trappy sunken living room with a wood-burning stone fireplace opens onto a delightful garden, stone patio, and the Muskoka River. Fully equipped kitchenette with a selection of gourmet teas, coffees, and bottled spring water provided. Enjoy Muskoka, paddling in the guest canoe, swimming, watching the ducks off the dock, or reading in the hammock.

Morgan House Bed and Breakfast

This historic stone house offers a unique country wits from its surrounding 80 acres of ponds, meadows, and forest. Morgan House has been beautifully restored, and the old-fashioned kitchen provides a hearty home-cooked breakfast in an inviting setting. The gardens and ponds entice guests to wander or hang well-nigh with a good book.

Deerhurst Resort

With hundreds of resorts situated in the Ontario region, Deerhurst Resort stands out as an platonic destination. First established increasingly than a hundred years ago, this resort is located on Peninsula Lake near Huntsville and is only 10 minutes yonder from downtown.

It has luxurious suavities like a golf course, spa, an escape room and winter activities like skiing, wakeboarding, snowshoeing and ice skating – Deerhurst is platonic for couples, groups of friends, or a family vacation.

Things to Do in Port Sydney

Port Sydney is a lovely little town just 12km south of Huntsville. If you find yourself having washed-up all of the Huntsville activities that interest you, throne to this picturesque spot. You won’t regret it.

History of Port Sydney

Although the Port Sydney zone had been visited many times in the early 1800s, it was not until Stephenson Township was surveyed in 1861 that settlers began to trickle into the area. Settlers had to come to the zone up the wearying Muskoka Road or Muskoka River that led northward from Bracebridge to Huntsville. They were encouraged by self-ruling (with some stipulations) land grants.

Over the intervening years, these visitors ripened roots in the village that mingled with those of the original settlers. They helped to preserve the century-old homes, and now their great-grandchildren enjoy the zone throughout all four seasons.  

The village has ripened a unique quality of history and eyeful that is cherished by those who have settled here and by the many who visit Port Sydney.

things to do huntsville

Port Sydney Beach

The sandy waterfront in Port Sydney offers tropical to 80 metres of shoreline on Mary Lake. Venture south lanugo Muskoka Road 10 and take a squint at the trappy waterfalls. The waterfront offers swimming, boating, and fishing in Mary’s Lake, one of Huntsville’s weightier fishing spots

Fish on this peaceful lake, swim and stay overnight at Marys Lake campground or lodge. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout in the spring and fall and catches brown, lake trout, and kokanee salmon. 

A campground is right next to Mary’s Lake with space for RVs and tents and is unshut May-October. Swimming is moreover one of the weightier things to do in Mary’s Lake, but the town of Huntsville is well-considered that a swimming newsy has once then been issued for Port Sydney Beach. Swim lessons will be relocated from Port Sydney to Hutcheson Beach.

huntsville activities

Jamieson’s General Store

Jamieson’s General Store was started to make locally sourced products increasingly wieldy within the community. Located in the heart of Port Sydney, Jamieson’s General Store is a local variety store designed to be a one-stop shop with good coffee, baked goods, groceries, and pierogies. Everything you could possibly need for heading to the cottage is here. Jamieson’s General Store is known for its best-selling Kawartha ice surf and pizza.

huntsville ontario - Jamieson's General Store (1)

Port Sydney Falls & Port Sydney Dam

Bring tubes and enjoy sliding lanugo the rapids. Surrounded by cottage country next to Mary’s Lake, you’ll find the Port Sydney Slide just unelevated the dam. There is a strong current lanugo from the falls, and wearing a life jacket is recommended. 

The river spills over a large incline of thrump-cap slantingly large sections of exposed thrump-cap just unelevated it. It is increasingly of a natural “water slide” than a spout or plunge “Waterfall”. Parking is near the slide and offers a nice view of Mary Lake and the dam.

muskoka huntsville - Port Sydney Falls & Port Sydney Dam
muskoka huntsville - Port Sydney Falls & Port Sydney Dam
muskoka huntsville - Port Sydney Falls & Port Sydney Dam
muskoka huntsville - Port Sydney Falls & Port Sydney Dam

Maple Syrup Season

Be for you write to us to tell us that Maple Syrup is not food, we’re here to tell you that we’re Canadian and it is –– food. As such, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention The Muskoka Maple Festival and the Maple Trail.

During spring, Huntsville and the surrounding offer many opportunities to sample succulent treats, scan unique crafts, listen to unconfined music and soak up the atmosphere. A unconfined Maple Syrup sublet to visit is Sugarbush Hill Maple Sublet which we’ll discuss in one second, but we moreover curated a list of the weightier Maple Syrup Festivals Ontario has to offer!

Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm

Sugarbush Hill is a “State of the Art” sugaring operation in the heart of Muskoka, a district of 1,600 lakes and uncounted forests. It is situated just 10 minutes south of the picturesque town of Huntsville.

Sugarbush Hill is family-owned and operated by Tom Stehr, family, and friends. Aside from their pure maple syrup, they moreover serve the weightier ice surf to die for.

things to do in huntsville ontario - Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm
things to do in huntsville ontario - Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm
things to do in huntsville ontario - Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm
things to do in huntsville ontario - Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm

Last Thoughts on Huntsville Canada Points of Interest

Huntsville has plenty to see and do, from trappy restaurants to heady trails and easy sightseeing. Huntsville offers the perfect escape for any soul, regardless of age or interests.

So pack your bags, and get ready for a fantastic weekend away. Please scuttlebutt unelevated if you have any questions or want to gush over your wits of Huntsville’s attractions. We would love to hear from you!

huntsville activities