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The Ultimate Weekend In Quebec City | Travel Guide & Itinerary

Do you believe in love at first sight? Because that’s precisely what you can expect when you first set foot in Quebec City, and a weekend in Quebec Municipality is a full-on love affair. This municipality has old colonial charms like cobblestone streets, narrow buildings, and a vibrant modern lifestyle.

It may be a predominantly French-Canadian-speaking part of the country, but we were worldly-wise to find our way virtually this mystical municipality with ease. With plenty to see and do, it’s hands one of the weightier weekend getaways in Ontario, so thwarting isn’t in Quebec’s vocabulary.

Get ready to discover everything you need for the ultimate weekend in Quebec City, from how to get there to what to see.

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History Of Quebec City

  • In 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in present-day Quebec Municipality and set the stage for Samuel de Champlain to found the municipality in 1608.
  • Champlain’s New France was the cradle of French Civilization in the Americas, evidenced by the old city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.
  • Strategically placed atop the cliff, French forts helped protect the municipality from various threats until British General James Wolfe arrived in the summer of 1759. Despite their efforts, New France sooner succumbed to the British Navy.
  • Famous for its trappy scenery, Quebec Municipality is moreover considered one of the most romantic destinations on earth.
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How to Travel to Quebec City, Canada

Whether you’re heading on a family trip or a romantic Ontario getaway, you must know how to get there. While you can travel from pretty much anywhere, Montréal is the closest major Canadian city, and Boston is the nearest US option. Let’s swoop in, shall we?

By Bus

Taking the bus is an spanking-new option if you want to save money. If you’re travelling from Boston (12 hours), it’s a long and wearying journey via Greyhound to Montreal and flipside bus with Orléans Express to Quebec City. 

By Car

While travelling to Quebec Municipality from Montréal (158 miles) takes virtually three hours, and a Boston trip (396 miles) is roughly six hours. If you’re starting in Boston, travel withal Interstate 93 until you join Interstate 91. From there, it’s a simple momentum to the border, where you’ll momentum on Autoroute 55 to Montréal.

It’s a three-hour momentum on either Autoroute 40 (the increasingly scenic of the two) or Autoroute 20 to Quebec City.

By Plane

Planes are the quickest, most comfortable, and weightier way to get from Montréal to Quebec City. Air Canada is the most straightforward service to use from the US, but other airlines like Alaska and Westjet are moreover great.

Flight times vary depending on your throw-away destination. But a flight from Montréal is virtually 45 minutes and flies straight to Québec Municipality Jean Lesage International Airport (YQB).

Top Tip: We recommend using Skyscanner to find the weightier deals on flights to Quebec City.

By Train

This is probably the most scenic and stress-free option. Take the Amtrak train from any US destination to Montréal, then hop on workbench a VIA Rail train to Quebec City.

Montréal to Quebec Municipality trains takes just over three hours and a ticket financing in the region of 68 CAD.

How to Get Virtually During Your 3 Days in Quebec City

No Quebec travel guide would be well-constructed without knowing how to get virtually the city. While driving is easy outside peak traffic, most Quebec Municipality tourist attractions are within walking loftiness of one another.

Renting a velocipede is moreover a unconfined option if you’re looking for a unseemly way to get virtually without relying on public transportation. Cyclo Services offer affordable rentals while joining a cycling tour is flipside unconfined alternative.

A bus is an spanking-new option to stave the unprepossessed — expressly during an Ontario winter getaway. The Quebec Municipality Transit System is good, but RTC provides a increasingly wide-stretching bus route. RTC moreover offers an unlimited weekend package for 21.95 CAD.

Weekend in Quebec City

3-Day Quebec Municipality Vacation

We hope you’re as ready for this epic Quebec Municipality itinerary as we are. From perfectly preserved buildings to quirky bars virtually town, you’re in for a jam-packed weekend getaway.

No matter when you visit Quebec, these activities are an wool must. So pack those tons and get ready to explore.

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Day One: A Lower Old Quebec Municipality Travel Extravaganza

Before we get stuck into the activities for day one, you’ll most likely victorious in Quebec the night before. Kickstart your time in this effervescent municipality with a succulent dinner at Chez Rioux & Pettigrew. It’s one scrumptious menu, everything from the slow roasted Réconfort to local beers like Belle Guelle. 

Once you’ve had a good night’s rest, day one presents an venture of a lifetime through the stunning Lower Old Quebec Municipality district.

Morning Things to Do in Old Quebec City’s Lower District

Everything on this list is within walking loftiness of one another. There’s no particular order to see things, so as much as this is a detailed itinerary, you can make it your own.

Quartier Petit-Champlain

Dive into true Quebec at what was once the wanted of New France. Like all the squares in Quebec, it’s a hub for socialites, with bars, cafes, and historic buildings everywhere.

Nestled in the lower part of old Quebec, Quartier Petit-Champlain traces its roots when to 1608 when it was the wanted of New France. Its narrow, pedestrian-only cobblestone streets frame the area’s historical buildings, making way for souvenir shops, underivative stores, bistros, and wright boutiques serving up the weightier of Quebec cuisine.

quebec city

Place Royale

You won’t find a square in Quebec with increasingly 17th and 18th-century buildings than at Place Royale. Often seen as the rookery of Quebec, this cobblestone courtyard with cafes and quaint shops dates when to 1608. In 1608, Samuel de Champlain founded a fur trading post and the first permanent settlement in what is now known as New France.

Place Royale is the focal point for the four centuries of North American history it represents and was named in honour of Louis XIV of France. This location boasts the largest hodgepodge of 17th and 18th-century buildings in the area.

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La Maison Smith Cafe

Look no remoter than this quaint sideboard in Place Royale for specialty coffee and delectable chocolates. While their pastries are a perfect pick-me-up, their pizzas moreover make a fantastic meal. Their selection of chocolates is mouth-watering and artfully created – from linty truffles to sophisticated marble bars. While the pizza selection is varied as well; from archetype Margherita to quattro formaggi to vegan options, there’s something for everyone.

The sideboard is moreover a unconfined place to relax and take in the local atmosphere.

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Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church

It’s simple but simply beautiful. Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church is one of the oldest churches in North America, built on the ruins of Champlain’s first settlement in 1723. It was rebuilt in 1859 without stuff heavily bombarded in 1759 and, to this day, continues the tradition of blessings and handing out buns on the repast day of St. Genevieve.

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Rue du Petit-Champlain

Rue du Petit-Champlain, one of the oldest streets in the Quartier Petit-Champlain district, has preserved the original tracery from its French colonial beginnings.

Walking lanugo one of the oldest cobblestone roads in Quebec is an wool must as it is filled to the skirt with artisanal bistros, art galleries, and numerous specialty stores selling handmade leather goods, jewellery, decorative art, apparel, woodwork and more.

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Breakneck Staircase

Of the stairways in Quebec (there are lots), Breakneck is the prettiest with its turquoise palisade. It’s the oldest (made in 1635) and has trappy frescoes on the proximal towers depicting historical events in the old Cap-Blanc district.

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Quebec Municipality Mural

If you love art, then Quebec has you covered with several fresco murals throughout. But possibly the weightier of the tuft is the mural at Parc de la Citiere, which depicts the 400-year history of this scenic city.

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Place De Paris

To dip into history, visit this fortification that has protected the municipality since 1691. Sitting wideness from the Quai Chouinard, it moreover offers majestic views of the St. Lawrence River. The former site of Place De Paris was the Finlay market, and visitors are likely to note the unique historical architecture, including the ladders on the roofs – a reminder of times when chimney sweeping was commonplace.

The Royal Battery was built in 1691 and named without Louis XIV of France, the reigning monarch at the time. It served as part of the city’s fortifications during the French Regime and withstood the siege of 1759. It is located at the Quai Chouinard, the port of throw-away for trip ships navigating the St. Lawrence River.

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Afternoon Saint Lawrence River Tour

After a lovely time exploring Lower Old Quebec City, joining a Saint Lawrence River tour is a genius idea.

The guide keeps things light and fun, while the views you’ll pass are second to none. Revere things like Château Frontenac, the Laurentian Mountains, Montmorency Falls, and Côte-de-Beaupré, to name a few.

You can plane see the sights from the repletion of the heated motel or finger the fresh air hit your face. There’s no largest way to cap off an epic first day in Quebec City.

Day Two: Visiting Quebec City’s Old Upper District

While you can merge this into day one, spending increasingly time exploring each district is far better. You’ll start the day off by taking the funicular up to the walled municipality of Upper Old Quebec City.

That’s right. Canada has its very own European-style municipality that offers majestic views of the surrounding landscape. 

Morning Things to Do in Old Quebec’s Upper District

Once you’ve made your way up to this part of town, it’s time to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site in all its glory.

Place d’Armes | Monument Samuel-De Champlain

This area, formerly known as the Grande Place during French rule, was a popular gathering spot for military parades and public speaking events, featuring a gothic-style fountain at its center. The monument of Samuel-De Champlain, created to honour the founder of Quebec City, was a work of art by Paul Chèvre that was unveiled in 1898.

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The Fort Museum

Take a trip when to the roots of Quebec and witness the six military sieges that profoundly impacted its history with a 30-minute sound and light show!

Dufferin Terrace

Fort Saint-Louis, established by Samuel de Champlain in 1620, is the historical cornerstone of The Dufferin Terrace’s construction. It is here that de Champlain sadly passed yonder in 1635. Visitors of the Terrace are rewarded with a scenic view of the river, Place-Royale and Lower Town. The Dufferin Terrace is honourably named without Lord Dufferin.

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Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica-Cathedral

Built in 1647, it’s pearly to say this majestic cathedral earns its namesake Notre Dame. Much like the Cathedral in Paris, this minster has had its pearly share of historic events, from expansions to fires. Today, it’s a trappy reminder of France’s rule throughout Canada.

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La Shop de Noël de Québec

Enjoy a shopping spree that rivals all the Christmas markets in Ontario at this little shop shop. It’s a Christmas shop all year round, so you can write-up the December shopping craze and get all your decorations anytime.

visit quebec city
visit quebec city

City Hall

You’ll recognize the turquoise roofing wherever you are in Quebec, so why not visit this epic building? Established in 1833, this is the formal steering of Quebec and has a super heady tousle of Medieval, Classic, and Châteauesque architecture.

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Le Monastère des Augustines

Initially set up as a hospital in 1639 by three sisters of the Augustinian Order, this historic monastery continues its caring practices. It’s just the perfect place to relax during a fast-paced day of exploring.

quebec city
quebec city

Morrin Centre

The Morrin Centre has a long and diverse history. Built increasingly than 300 years ago as a military barrack, it was then converted into a prison, with balconies from which prisoners were hanged. In later years, it was repurposed to wilt Quebec’s first English-language college, well-constructed with a stunning library.

Today, the Morrin Cultural Centre provides a unique insight into the history of English-speaking culture in the region.

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Rue Saint-Jean and Porte Saint-Jean

Much like the unevolved square of Quebec, Rue Saint-Jean is one of the best-kept fortifications in the city. It’s the perfect place to meander from store to store and see the turquoise roofs of Porte Saint-Jean up close.

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La Capitole

For an iconic theatre, restaurant, and hotel all wrapped up into one Beaux Art-style building, visit La Capitole.

The Capitole de Québec, designed by American technie Walter S. Painter, is a grand Beaux Arts-style theatre synthetic in 1903. Recognized by the Quebec Cultural Heritage Directory and the National Historic Sites of Canada.

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Palais Montcalm – Maison de la Musique

Located in the heart of Old Québec, the Palais Montcalm – Maison de la Musique is a world-class venue renowned for its high-quality acoustics and unrenowned comfort. Here, lovers of classical music, jazz, and world music can enjoy a variety of programs and performances in the stunning Raoul-Jobin concert hall.

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Pub St. Patrick

It’s not an wool must, but you won’t find a friendly undercurrent anywhere besides Pub St. Patrick. This joint has everything from tasty beer to archetype hip-swinging Irish music.

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Parliament Building

The Québec provincial government has its home southwest of the historical Upper Town. The Parliament, erected in 1877, is the venue of The Salle de l’Assemblée Nationale (National Assembly) and Salle du Conseil Législatif (Legislative Council) are unshut to the public.

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Épicerie J.A. Moisan

JA Moisan Epicerie has been virtually since 1871, making it the longest-running grocery store in North America. Stepping inside is like going when in time; it’s as if you could be in a museum, yet it’s still unshut for business. It’s a one-stop shop; you can find all your everyday items and things you didn’t plane know you needed – like 50 varieties of mustard!

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Afternoon Nordic Therma Spa Experience

There’s no largest way to spend an afternoon in Old Quebec Municipality than by booking a cleansing thermal spa experience. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul at the Strøm Nordic Spa withal the St. Lawrence River.

The views are to die for, and the thermal pools are just the perfect way to wind lanugo without a long day of walking. Trust us. There’s a lot of walking to be washed-up in Quebec.

And to end the day, consider grabbing dinner at the unique Chez Boulay-Bistro Boréal. They use pure ingredients from the Boreal region, like Elk, elderberry flowers, and trout, to prepare a lip-smacking dinner.

You’ll be left wanting more. It’s that good.

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La Citadelle de Québec & Musee Royal 22e Regiment (Museum)

Perched atop Cap Diamant at a towering 100 meters is Québec’s star-shaped Citadel. Built in 1832, the formidable fortress is encased by thick walls, ramparts, and ditches. It remains an zippy military post to this day, hosting generals, officers, servicemen, and the summer residence of the Governor-General of Canada.

The Musee Royal 22e Regiment Museum boasts one of Canada’s most significant military collections.

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Plains of Abraham

Just west of Québec City’s Citadel stands the Plains of Abraham (Champs de Bataille), the site of the British victory over the French-led Montcalm unwashed in 1759. The park is home to numerous archeological artifacts, educational displays, and multimedia presentations that relate the epic wrestle and siege of the city.

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Day Three: Join a Quebec Municipality Tour

The first two days have all been well-nigh self-sustaining travel and experiencing the municipality at your own pace. But at least one day in Quebec Municipality should be defended to a fully immersive guided tour.

What to Expect on Your Epic Quebec Tour

We recommend visiting the Quebec Municipality tourism board, which offers the weightier range of tours. We went for the full-day tour with Elyse Busque, and let’s just say we’ll never forget this experience. 


This agricultural region is surrounded by natural eyeful thanks to the Laurentian Mountains, the St. Lawrence River, and picturesque waterfalls. If you have the time, enjoy some epic outdoor activities in Canyon Sainte-Anne.

things to do in old quebec
things to do in old quebec
things to do in old quebec

Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

Possibly the most iconic landmark in Cote-de-Beaupre, this minster holds the crazy status of a miracle worker. Over half a million pilgrims visit yearly, with many stating they’ve been healed without visiting. There are plane two pillars packed with canes and crutches of those healed. 

things to do in old quebec city
things to do in old quebec city
things to do in old quebec city

Montmorency Falls

This underrated waterfall will have you in awe thanks to its 272-foot drop. That makes it 98 feet taller than Niagara Falls. Pretty crazy, right?

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Musée de la Civilisation

Learning is a part of every vacation, and this museum is the perfect place to learn well-nigh French America’s history. A must-visit walkout at the museum is the Illusions collection. It’ll leave you questioning reality, not really, but kind of.

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Vieux Port

Known for the popping Marché du Vieux-Port public market, Vieux Port is the perfect place to revere St. Lawrence and Saint-Charles River’s converging. You can plane grab some tasty treats and handmade goods at the market with expert suggestions from your local tour guide.

quebec municipality itinerary

Alternatively, typesetting this half-day tour of Quebec City, and spend the rest of the day exploring sights on the city’s outskirts. These include Observatoire de la Capitale, Morrin Centre, St. Andrew Church, and the Monument Samuel-De Champlain.

Best Hotels in Quebec Municipality For Your Weekend Getaway Map

Don’t worry. We’ve moreover got all your walk-up options sorted. One of these is unseat to be the weightier hotel in Quebec Municipality for you.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac (Luxury)

It would be silly not to include the one towers you can see from the point of the city. It may be a bit pricey, but its subtle combination of textures, colours, and hospitality make this a fantastic place to stay. And to make things better, it’s right in the middle of Upper Old Quebec.

Check Rates for Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

best hotels in quebec city

Hotel Le Germain Quebec (Mid-Range)

With an old-school towers and modern interior, Hotel Le Germain Quebec is a fantastic lodging option we adore. Don’t plane get us started on breakfast. They’re simply out of this world. It’s moreover in the heart of Old Quebec City, so the top attractions are never far away.

Check Rates for Hotel Le Germain

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Hotel du Vieux Québec (Mid-Range)

Let this hotel’s stunning exposed brick walls and uber-lux finishings have your imagination in overdrive. Resting in the 18th-century walls of Quebec City’s Latin Quarter, this hotel has everything, from the location to a fireplace in each room to alimony you all snug.

Check Rates for Vieux Québec

Best Places to Eat in Quebec Municipality and Dishes to Try

Before we leave you to embark on your epic trip to Quebec City, here are a few must-try restaurants and dishes from each place.

Aux Anciens Canadiens

Constructed in 1675-76, the iconic Maison Jacquet (Jacquet House) is the oldest house in Quebec. Its thick walls and wainscoting are archetype to houses of this era. It once belonged to Philippe-Aubert de Gaspé, tragedian of the typesetting “Les Anciens Canadiens,” which is the word-for-word name of the restaurant occupying the house today.

best places to eat in quebec city

Chez Boulay-bistro boréal

Chefs Jean Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand established Chez Boulay – Bistro Boreal to demonstrate the zillions of local specialties from Quebec’s boreal region, including elk, trout, elderflower and Labrador tea.

best places to eat in quebec city

Chic Shack

While Le Chic Shack may be known for its epic burgers, it has flipside dish worth a try. You can’t go wrong with their Poutine, a succulent combination of cheese curds and french friends topped with mouth-watering gravy.

best places to eat in quebec city

Restaurant La Buche

La Buche offers a comforting combination of rustic interiors and archetype Quebecian homestyle cuisine. While there’s plenty to pick from, you must try the Pâté chinois, a French-Canadian-style shepherd’s pie.

quebec municipality guide
quebec municipality guide
quebec municipality guide


For a double-crusted taste sensation of meat and carbs, throne to the region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. It’s not so much well-nigh the restaurant here, but rather the Tourtière in this region, with a delectable range of meats from veal to pork and plane Moose.


With a full range of pastries, smoked meats, and everything in between, Paillard is the weightier place to get your taste buds dancing in the morning. It’s so good; you may plane go when for seconds, trust us, we would know.

best places to eat in quebec city

Chez Rioux & Pettigrew

Chef Dominic Jacques – a winner of “Les chefs” in 2012 – has taken Chez Rioux & Pettigrew from a wholesale grocer to a bistro-style restaurant with his inventive cuisine.

trip to quebec city

The Weightier Weekend Visit to Quebec Municipality Recapped

You no longer need to travel halfway wideness the world to wits the European lifestyle, as Quebec has you covered. Whether you decide to visit in winter or you want to revere the spring blossoms that bring the streets to life is up to you.

One thing is sure, your weekend in Quebec Municipality will be an unforgettable, action-packed travelling wits that’ll live long in your memory.