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Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales

May 31, 2016.

From the mid-term/bank holiday craziness of Llandudno we headed straight to Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey. The fast road was not without its eyeful – In my periodical I mention Queen Anne’s Lace, buttercups, pink flowers and masses of purple Rhododendrons in spectacular viridity surrounded the visionless scrub.

Once in Beaumaris we booked a B&B for that evening and then checked out the local ‘Craft Fayre’.

This jeweller used only local stones for his jewelry.jeweller in Beaumaris Craft Fayre that specialized in local semi-precious stones: untried chert, red jasper and slate...Red jasper, untried chert (a type of flint) and slate stuff made ready for uniquely local pieces of jewelry. The friendly jeweller gave me a few hints well-nigh where to find these stones if I wanted to do a bit of waddle collecting. Red Jasper, untried Chert (a type of flint) and slate stuff made ready for uniquely local pieces of jewelry in Beaumaris, WalesI fell in love with the visionless soot slate run through with green, and bought these earrings. Slate earrings from WalesI had wanted to go on a Puffin Island trip but the water was too rough. However, we found out we could momentum there withal backroads. The road was quiet and beautiful, lined with wildflowers like Red Campion…the intensely pink flowers of Red Campion at Beaumaris, Wales…and Queen Anne’s Lace.Queen Anne's Lace, wildflowers at Beaumaris in WalesOf undertow there was a castle ruin we had to stop and see! The sign that led us astray.
Sign to the Castle Aberlleiniog just outside of Beaumaris, WalesStairs up…Stairs up to the ruins of the Castle Aberlleiniog just outside of Beaumaris, WalesA tiny ruin but in an zone with blossoming trees.the Castle Aberlleiniog just outside of Beaumaris, WalesThe sign describing Castle Aberlleiniog ruins. Sign describing Castle Aberlleiniog ruins in WalesThe road deteriorated but our GPS indicated we were getting tropical to Puffin Island. And there, where we least expected it, was a ‘toll’ road.Toll signs at Penmon on Anglesey, WalesLonely Planet map for May 31st momentum withal a mass of tiny backroads leaving from the town of Beaumaris to Penmon and its medieval structures, and then on to Llanddona Beach and when to Beaumaris. Lonely Planet map for June 1 momentum from Beaumaris to Penmon and beyond