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40 Fun Things To Do In Kingston, Ontario (Weekend Guide)

If you’re looking to travel locally, Canada has some fantastic places that often go undiscovered by locals. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Kingston, Ontario, you’ve come to the right place! Kingston was featured on The Amazing Race Canada. It was home to the lead singer for the iconic Canadian band The Tragically Hip. Gord Downie passed yonder at 53 not too long ago. 

Kinston is stuffed-up of history as well. It was once the wanted of Canada (1841 to 1844) before Ottawa took over. It was home to Canada’s first prime minister Sir John A. Macdonald. It has two forts (Fort Henry, and Fort Frontenac), Queen’s University and a historic penitentiary (Kingston Pen), which once held the infamous dangerous offender Paul Bernardo,

So if you’re in town for the weekend or just passing through and wanting to explore the area, this comprehensive list of 37 things to do in Kingston will get you started.

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things to do in kingston

A Little Bit of Kingston History

  • Kingston is nicknamed the “Limestone City” considering of the many heritage buildings synthetic using local limestone.
  • Kingston was once named the first wanted of the United Province of Canada on February 10, 1841. While its time as a wanted municipality was short (ending in 1844), the polity has remained a necessary military installation
  • It is moreover home to The Thousand Islands tourist region.
things to do in kingston this weekend

How To Travel To Kingston

As mentioned above, Kingston is heading to or from the larger cities. And you’re just a 3-hour trip from Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. This makes it quite accessible, and there are plenty of ways to reach your destination.

  • Kingston Airport (YGK), moreover known as Norman Rogers Airport, is within a 15-minute momentum to the city’s historic downtown core.
  • There are buses going to Kingston from most major centres virtually Canada.
  • My favourite way to travel between the cities, you can hop on a train from many of the major cities and victorious safely in Kingston.
  • This option gives you the most self-rule to plan your Kingston itinerary. You can stop withal the way and enjoy surrounding attractions, and when you’re in the city, you have reliable, self-sustaining transportation.
things to do in kingston

What Do In Kingston, Ontario This Weekend… 

FYI., This list is pretty long, so you’ll need at least two days to well-constructed it. If you don’t have that long, pick your favourites and do just those. 

1) Stop Off At The Big World (From Toronto)

Location: 262 Orchard Rd, Colborne
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8 am to 7 pm

The Big World is flipside one of those places you momentum by on your way to or from someplace else. When driving by, it’s nonflexible to miss Mr. Applehead, an observatory and the world’s largest apple-shaped structure where you can climb up and get unconfined views of the surrounding countryside.
The petting zoo and the mini-golf undertow for the children aside, the world pie is legendary.

The Night Before…

2) Enjoy Indian Cuisine At Curry Original Kingston

Location: 175 Bagot St
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 5 pm to 9 pm

Curry Original’s owners have been pioneers of fine Indian Cuisine in Kingston for the past 25 years. Using only pure Indian herbs, every dish you eat – accompanied by the restaurant undercurrent (art on the walls, rich, spicy aromas) feels like you just landed in India. If you like Indian food, this is the spot.

curry-original - what to do in kingston

Things To Do In Kingston This WeekendDay 1

3) Try Out Succulent Treats From Pan Chancho Bakery

Location: 44 Princess St
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8 am to 5 pm

Pan Chancho Bakery is a succulent European-style bakery, a gourmet supplies shop and a dine-in cafe. They sell all artisanal bread, pastries, cakes and gourmet grab-and-go deli items. They plane have a line of canned goods and frozen meals.

They have local beers on tap in the evening, signature cocktails and wines. You can segregate to have your meal on their courtyard patio or in a private dining room.

to do in kingston
to do in kingston - Pan-Chancho-Bakery
to do in kingston

4) Take A Guided Tour Of Kingston Municipality Hall 

Location: 216 Ontario St
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 4:30 pm 

Kingston’s Municipality Hall is a national historic site and the centre for overseeing and governing the Municipality of Kingston. It was built in 1844 and is one of the finest century buildings in Canada. There are self-ruling guided tours for those who want to learn increasingly well-nigh its heritage and architecture.

kingston this weekend - Kingston-City-Hall
things to do in Kingston

5) Walk Through Confederation Park 

Location: Between Ontario St and Waterfront Pathway
Opening hours: 24/7

Confederation Park is nicknamed – the heart and soul of Kingston. It’s the perfect spot to do your morning walk, watch the sunset or hang out. Concerts and festivals are moreover held there. This is one of the top things to see in Kingston.

kingston this weekend - Kingston-City-Hall

6) Investigate Shoal Tower National Historic Site

Location: Seen from the Waterfront Pathway
Opening hours: 24/7

The Shoal Tower National Historic Site is a heritage site built as part of the Royal Military Higher of Canada (RMC) and used by the higher for artillery training. 

things to do in kingston

7) Check Out The Spirit Of Sir John A. Canadian Pacific

Location: 209 Ontario St
Opening hours: 24/7

The Spirit of Sir John A., moreover tabbed Engine 1095 is one of the rarest symbols of 19th-century technology and industry that still exists today. This is a unconfined stop-off to get a few photos and take in the stunning train. Kingston was once home to the Canadian Locomotive Visitor for over 100 years. This visitor built over 3,000 steam, electric and diesel engines for the Canadian Pacific Railway, including ‘The Spirit of Sir John A.’

things to do in kingston

8) Step Inside The Charming St. George Cathedral

Location: 270 King St E

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10 am to 4 pm 

St. George Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Kingston, known for retaining its old charm. It’s a local landmark and quite a sight to behold. There are still religious services inside the church, but you can visit outside worship hours to revere the structure. 

what to do in kingston - St.-George-Cathedral

9) Walk Withal LaSalle Causeway

Location: LaSalle Causeway
Opening hours: 24/7

LaSalle Causeway is a bascule underpass – which I shoehorn I needed to squint up. Bascule ways movable bridge, and it was named without René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, who oversaw the construction of Fort Frontenac in 1673, now the western end of the causeway. 

things to do in kingston
LaSalle-Causeway - things to do in kingston this weekend

10) Visit A Military Museum. The Royal Military Higher of Canada

Location: 13 Unstipulated Crerar Crescent
Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Admission is free.

The Royal Military Higher of Canada is located in Kingston, Ontario. It was founded in 1883 as the Royal Military Higher of Kingston. 

The museum displays many artifacts, including war trophies, guns, aircraft, ships, and tanks. The museum houses increasingly than 7,000 objects and features exhibits well-nigh the Royal Military Higher of Canada with interactive games and activities for children.

Fort-Frederick - what to do in kingston
Fort-Frederick - what to do in kingston
Fort-Frederick - what to do in kingston

11) Tour Fort Frederick

Location: 15 Passchendale Dr #9
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8 am to 4:30 pm

Frederick is a historic military towers located on Point Frederick on the grounds of the Royal Military Higher of Canada (RMC). Its construction dates when to 1846 and the Oregon purlieus dispute. 

The fort consists of earthworks surrounding a Martello tower. It is included in two National Historic Sites of Canada: Kingston Fortifications National Historic Site and the Point Frederick Buildings National Historic Site

what to do in kingston - Fort-Frederick
Fort-Frederick - what to do in kingston
Fort-Frederick - what to do in kingston
Fort-Frederick - what to do in kingston

12) Head To Fort Henry

Location: 1 Fort Henry Dr
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9:30 am – 5 pm

The original Fort Henry was built in the 18th century. It is located between Unconfined Britain (Canada stuff a British colony at the time) and the United States of America but bears no resemblance to the existing fort. During the War of 1812, the British predictable an wade on Point Henry due to its proximity to the Royal Naval Dockyards and to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. 

kingston this weekend - Fort-Henry
kingston this weekend - Fort-Henry
kingston this weekend - Fort-Henry
things to do in kingston
kingston this weekend - Fort-Henry
kingston this weekend - Fort-Henry

13) Grab A Drink At Sir John A. Pub (The Public House)

Location: 343 King St E
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11 am to 2 am; Sun 10:30 am to 2 am

The Public House is a cozy pub in the heart of historic downtown Kingston in a towers that once served as the law office to Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister.

Earlier this year, the bar came under fire considering it was named without Sir John A. Macdonald, which didn’t have a stellar reputation for his treatment of Aboriginals. In the spirit of reconciliation with our Native Canadians, lobbyists started protesting in front of the pub, which caused the owner to drop Sir John’s name and undeniability it The Public House. Many controversies started on whether this was a good or bad move.

In wing to Sir John A. There are several other unconfined pubs in Kingston besides Pub (The Public House): The Iron Duke on Wellington St., Red House Tavern on Spring Gardens Rd., and Tir Nan Og on King St. W.

things to do in kingston - The-Public-House

14) Pig-Out At Chez Piggy

Location: 68 Princess St
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 am to 9 pm; Sat & Sun 10:30 am to 9 pm

Chez Piggy is Kingston’s best-known restaurant since 1979, plane though it is in what was once an x-rated limestone horse stable. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

The flavours of world travel inspire their menu and are a destination in itself for foodies. It is perfect for afternoon cocktails on the courtyard patio, your family celebration, a night out with friends or a romantic dinner.

Oh, and to bring everything full whirligig Chez Piggy gets all its specie from Pan Chancho Bakery.

Chez-Piggy - things to do in kingston
things to do in kingston - Chez-Piggy

What To Do In Kingston This Weekend?Day 2

15) Satisfy Caffeine and Sugar Cravings – Crave Cafe, Kingston

Location: 166 Princess St
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 7:30 am to 8 pm

CRAVE Coffee House & Bakery is Kingston’s largest independently owned and operated coffee house, scratch bakery, and a full-service kitchen. If you have a sweet tooth like me you’ll definitely love their seashell macarons, butter tarts and gluten-free carrot cake.

things to do in  kingston

16) Go Straight To Jail – Kingston Penitentiary

Location: 560 King St W
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 8:40 am to 6 pm

Kingston Penitentiary is Canada’s oldest and most notorious maximum-security prison. Once considered a dumping ground for Canada’s diabolical criminals, it’s most well-known for holding one of Canada’s most notorious and evil inmates – Paul Bernardo.

A standard tour financing $35 each and, honestly, was one of the weightier tours we’ve overly taken. The tour incorporates stories told by the very guards who once worked there.

what to do in kingston on - Kingston-Penitentiary
what to do in kingston on - Kingston-Penitentiary
things to do in kingston
what to do in kingston on - Kingston-Penitentiary
things to do in kingston
what to do in kingston on - Kingston-Penitentiary
things to do in kingston
things to do in kingston
what to do in kingston on - Kingston-Penitentiary
things to do in kiingston

17) Visit Historic Portsmouth Tavern

Location: 560 King St W
Opening hours: Mon to Thurs 11 am – 6 pm, Fri to Sat 11 am – 12 am

The waterfront walking trail west will have you passing the Kingston Penitentiary, taking you to Portsmouth Village. While there isn’t much to do here other than visiting the Portsmouth Tavern, an old, archetype bar/restaurant from 1863. Known locally as The Ports.

18) Explore The PumpHouse Museum

Location: 23 Ontario Street
Opening hours: Mon to Thurs 11 am – 6 pm, Fri to Sat 11 am – 12 am

A Steam Museum is a unconfined place to see how people used to get around. People would use steam engines to power trains, ships, or plane cars. The Pumphouse is fun for kids to learn well-nigh steam engines and modern technology.

19) Explore The Bellevue House

Location: 35 Centre St
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 am to 5 pm 

Bellevue House National Historic Site of Canada was the home to Prime Minister Sir John Alexander Macdonald from 1848 to 1849. It was synthetic virtually 1840 and is one of Canada’s first examples of Italian Villa architecture. Sir John A. Macdonald moved into the house with his wife, Isabella Clark and their son John Alexander in 1848. A trip here includes an old maid as your guide, who shares her story and narrates the house’s rich history.

to do in kingston - to do in kingston
to do in kingston
to do in kingston

20) Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

Since its launch in 2014, the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts has wilt a destination for theatre and concert lovers wideness Ontario.

Located on the campus of Queen’s University, the Center boasts a 560-seat concert hall, a 92-seat screening room for films, and a rehearsal hall for up-and-coming performers. From classical music to jazz and theatre performances, the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts offers something for everyone.

The Center’s vibrant interior, made of wood finishes, is something to behold and can only be fully appreciated when you take in a show.

21) Learn Well-nigh Murney Tower

Location: 2 King St W
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 am to 5 pm 

The Murney Tower was built in 1846 considering of the Oregon Crisis to defend the St. Lawrence River from an American invasion. In 2007, Murney Tower became part of the Rideau Waterway and Kingston Fortifications World Heritage Site – the 14th World Heritage Site in Canada and the only one in Ontario.

things to do in kingston - Murney-Tower

22) Marine Museum of the Unconfined Lakes

Just a stone’s throw from Battery Park and abreast the iconic dry dock in Kingston, the Marine Museum of the Unconfined Lakes is a unconfined place to learn well-nigh the city’s maritime history.

Founded in 1975, the museum houses books, photos, artifacts, and other research material related to shipping on the Unconfined Lakes, and it provides guided tours, workshops, and educational programming. The dry dock, built in 1892 to service larger vessels, is a focal point of the museum, and the displays defended to its history are genuinely fascinating.

23) Discover Queen’s University Campus

Location: 99 University Ave
Opening hours: Visitors can take scheduled or self-guided tours

Queen’s University is a public research university in Canada. It was founded on October 16, 1841, via a royal lease issued by Queen Victoria, but what’s interesting is the University predates Canada’s founding by 26 years. Plane if you’re too old to consider applying for the University, you can visit the towers and learn increasingly well-nigh its history. 

things to do in kingston on
things to do in kingston on - Queens-University-Campus
things to do in kingston on
things to do in kingston on

24) Check Out Some Art At The Agnes Etherington Art Center

Location: 36 University Ave

Opening hours: Mon Closed, Tues-Fri 10:00 am to 4:30 pm, Sat-Sun 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm 

The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, located on the Queen’s University campus, is unconfined for seeing some art. The Agnes is not very big but has many interesting pieces on display, including 3 Rembrandts. Admission is free, and donations are appreciated. It is located near the Trolley Tour stop. (More on the Trolley below)

25) Explore Municipality Park

City Park is a large untried space in Kingston where the locals go to play sports, walk around, skate, or picnic. With plaques and monuments scattered throughout the park, you can learn increasingly well-nigh Kingston while escaping Kingston.

things to do in kingston on

26) Indulge Yourself At Dianne’s Fish Shack & Smoke House 

Location: 195 Ontario St
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 am to 9 pm; Sat & Sun 10:30 am to 9 pm

Just steps from the waterfront is a archetype East Coast Kitchen that meets the flavours of Mexico! Think lobster rolls, fish n’ fries & oysters, tacos, guacamole & Mexican BBQ. Plus, savoury grilled Just steps from the waterfront is a archetype East Coast Kitchen that meets the flavours of Mexico! You can grab ice-cold craft beer & local wine on tap from the bar: premium whiskies & tequilas, refreshing cocktails and the city’s weightier fresh-squeezed lime margaritas. Plus, savoury grilled steaks, burgers, salads, sandwiches and more! Think lobster rolls, fish n’ fries & oysters, tacos, guacamole, & Mexican BBQ.

kingston weekend getaways - Diannes-Fish-Shack-Smokehouse
kingston weekend getaways - Diannes-Fish-Shack-Smokehouse

27) Feast On All Things Sweet and Frozen At Mio Gelato

Location: 178 Ontario St
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12 pm to 10 pm

In 2010, Mio Gelato served the weightier gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and ice cream. Locals say they “come for the gelato, but stay for the sorbet.” Mango pineapple is the weightier flavour for sorbet, and soot coconut for gelato.

things to do in kingston

28) Visit The KBC Kingston

Location: 34 Clarence St
Opening hours: Sat-Thurs 12 to 10 pm; Fri 12 to 11 pm

The Kingston Brewing Visitor is Ontario’s oldest brewpub and is Canada’s oldest wine-producing pub. Beers, wines, ciders and soda pops are made on the premises. A courtyard, street-front patio, and a refection room (known as the Dragon’s Lair) make this pub a must-visit. It has an wide-stretching hodgepodge of beer memorabilia and pub photos, which can get distracting.
The KBC towers was used as a telegraph office, and the original vaults are still in use.

things to do in kingston
kbc kingston - Kingston-Brewery-Company
kbc kingston - Kingston-Brewery-Company

29) Watch the Frontenacs Play At Leon’s Center

Location: 1 The Tragically Hip Way

The Leon’s Centre is the main scene in downtown Kingston and is home to the Kingston Frontenacs OHL team. The Leon’s Centre is the biggest scene in Kingston, Ontario. You can buy tickets online, but hockey season typically runs from September-April.

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30) Take A Hike Withal Kingston Waterfront Trail

Walking withal the waterfront is spanking-new exercise and a relaxing way to spend time. There are benches, tables, and plane a swimming pool. Plus, you can moreover see the municipality skyline in the distance. 

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Tours To Do In Kingston

Guided tours can be a unconfined option for anyone looking to wits as much of the municipality as possible quickly. They’re moreover a unconfined way to meet other visitors, and of course, your tour guide is usually a stow of information and travel advice.

31) 1000 Island Cruises – 9 Min Kingston Discovery Cruise

Location: 248 Ontario St, Kingston
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 am – 7 pm
Average cost: $35 Canadian per adult

Kingston’s Discovery Trip introduces the unique sights and heritage of the 1000 Islands region and the historic waterfront of Canada’s First Capital. This trip passes tropical to National Park Islands and National Historic Sites. It includes a lively narration of Kingston’s history and natural setting. It focuses on the history and waterfront of Kingston and its place at the whence of the St Lawrence River and the 1000 Islands region.

Note: If you prefer to see things from above, there are also 1000 Island helicopter tours available.

Our dear friend Kathryn from Kathryn Anywhere wrote all well-nigh it HERE: How To Vacation With Kids In The 1000 Islands. In addition, our long-time friend Kevin from Wandering Wagers wrote the Complete Guide To Thousand Islands National Park and A Tale of Two Castles in the Thousand Islands.

Tours To Do In Kingston

32) Hop-On-Hop-Off Trolley Tour

Location: Meeting point at 209 Ontario Street
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9 am to 5 pm
Average cost: From $30 Canadian

When you’re short on time, getting virtually to every must-see on this list can be tricky. This is why a hop-on-hop-off trolley works so well for Kingston sightseeing. You get a lift to the uneconomical spots, unbearable time to get off and explore, and then a punctual pick-up and off to the next one. 

Buy a 48-hour pass to the trolley, and you can space your trip out between the two days. This will midpoint less rushing and increasingly time to delve into Kingston’s history.

33) Ghost Trolley Tour

Location: Meeting point at 209 Ontario Street
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9 am to 5 pm
Average cost: $40 Canadian

For something a little different, take a guided ghost tour through Kingston’s older, theoretically haunted areas. Enjoy a spooky trolley ride through the municipality as your guide tells legends and stories well-nigh the history of mysterious buildings. You moreover get the endangerment to get out and walk through the cemetery – if you dare.

kingston things to do this weekend
Image by Evi T

34) Municipality Walking Tours

Location: Various
Opening hours: Various
Average cost: Some are free

Often the weightier way to see any new destination is on foot. This helps you slow things lanugo and get a lay of the land. A guided walk through the municipality lets you see the landmarks, buildings, and Kingston attractions you’re passing by. 

You can pick your favourite walks from historic, architecture, food, and plane haunted strolls. Or try this walking tour with tea.

Things To Do Near Kingston 

35) Explore the Kingston Mills Locks

Location: Kingston Mills Rd

The same waterway that runs through the city of Ottawa, Rideau, is withal the same route as the Kingston Mills Locks. A park nearby is spanking-new for picnics, or you can rent a wend and explore parts of the Rideau Canal.

36) Hike Lemoine Point Conservation Area

Location: 1440 Coverdale Dr

If you’re looking for a trappy place to get yonder from the hustle and precipitance of the city, then Lemoine Point is a good option. 

Between Collins Bay and Kingston Airport, Lemoine Point Conservation Zone comprises field, forest & marsh. The lakeside nature zone offers trails & picnic spots, and unconfined views over the bay.

37) Live in the 19th century At Upper Canada Village

Location: 13740 County Rd 2, Morrisburg, ON

About 1:30 minutes from Kingston is Upper Canada Village, built in 1875, and it shows how people lived when then. There were many shops and businesses, including a blacksmith shop, a miller’s shop, a shoemaker’s shop, a unstipulated store, a tavern, a hotel, a schoolhouse, a doctor’s office, a post office, a bank, a dentist’s office, a grocer’s shop, a bakery, a newspaper office, a telegraph office, a library, and a barbershop.

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38) Take the Ferry to Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island is part of Frontenac County and the Township of Frontenac Islands. It is the largest island in Lake Superior, with Marysville its biggest town. Wolfe Island is a trappy summer vacation place with many beaches, fun and relaxing activities, fishing, swimming, hiking and biking, golfing, horseriding, kayaking, canoe­ing, sailing, and more!

39. Enjoy Nature in Frontenac Provincial Park

Just a short 40-minute momentum from Kingston lies the 13,000-acre Frontenac Provincial Park. At the intersection of the Canadian Shield and the Adirondack Mountains, visitors can wits a unique tousle of rugged natural beauty.

The park’s diverse ecosystems, including lush forests, wetlands and rugged granite outcrops, are just begging to be explored. Canoe and kayak on one of the 20 lakes, with North and South Otter Lakes, while hikers, campers and anglers will find plenty to do too, with over 100 kilometres of trails, wilderness vita and lakeside camping.

The park is home to various wildlife, including wolves, bears, foxes, mink and otters, so alimony your vision peeled. Winter activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are moreover popular, making this the perfect year-round getaway!

40) Momentum From The Former Canadian Wanted TO The Current One (Ottawa)

Just under 2 hours from Kingston is The wanted of Canada, Ottawa. If you’ve never been to Ottawa, this would be an spanking-new time to visit. Ottawa has much to offer, whether you like museums, shopping, food, culture, history, nature, art, or just relaxation.

In Ottawa, there are many things to do, such as visiting Parliament Hill, the Byward Market, the National Gallery of Art, the ByWard Museum, the ByWard Historical Society, the Canadian War Museum, and more!

ontario getaways

Places To Stay In Kingston, Ontario Map

Delta Hotels Kingston Waterfront

The Delta is located right on the lake and tropical to many restaurants, plus it’s moreover easy to get virtually on foot. The room’s stereotype is virtually CAD 220 and is wipe and well maintained, with most rooms having views overlooking the harbour or the lake. The hotel moreover has its in-house topnotch restaurant, Aqua Terra.


Econo Lodge Municipality Centre

The Econo Lodge Municipality Centre is for those looking for a room under CAD 200 per night with a self-ruling breakfast. It’s a two-star walk-up offering a modest, wipe room with a comfy bed. Simple is good.


Enjoy Increasingly Kingston Weekend Getaways

I can see why my colleague was raving well-nigh visiting Kingston. It’s a trappy city…and no, Toronto is not the centre of the universe… it’s the centre of Canada. All kidding aside, I would come when here then or, at the very least, purposely stop by for the day or spend the night on my way to Montreal or Ottawa. There is so much history here, stories, and true Canadians with genuine Canadian friendliness.

If you’re a foodie and don’t mind making the 28-minute momentum to the nearby town of Gananoque, our good friend Chris from Traveling Mitch wrote about The Weightier Restaurants in Gananoque, Ontario! for Ultimate Ontario. 

things to do in kingston
Image by Evi T