Bucket List Ideas: 57 Romantic Ways to Travel Before You Die (2023)

Traveling virtually the world gives you an opportunity to see how other people travel from place to place. While many Americans hop into their car to go somewhere, motorbikes are a popular form of transport in Thailand. In fact, it's not unusual to find a family of 4 riding the same motorbike!

I unchangingly enjoy traveling via a new mode of transport. Unelevated is a list of some of my favorite personal experiences plus several increasingly to add to my skillet list.

Perhaps these will help you to reinforce that it's not unchangingly the destination, but often the journey!

What largest way to wits Egypt than traveling in style in a felucca wend lanugo the Nile River

1. Driving a convertible lanugo Pacific Coast Highway

2. Looking out from a hot air unlearn over the Serengeti and Maasai Mara during the Great Migration

3. Running off of a hillside in Switzerland and paragliding to the bottom

4. Riding a camel wideness the Thar desert in Rajasthan

5. Riding the Trans-Mongolian from Beijing through Mongolia to St. Petersburg

6. Sitting in a gondola withal the canals in Venice

7. Visiting the Twelve Apostles insemination as you momentum the Great Ocean Road in Australia

8. Riding a motorcycle through South America

9. Traversing Canada by rail

10. Riding a cyclo in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

11. Overlooking vineyards in a hot air unlearn in Napa

12. Sandboarding lanugo the dunes in the Atacama Desert in Chile

13. Riding in a horse-drawn transport ride in Central Park

14. Riding the Palace on Wheels in India

15. Mushing a dog sled in Alaska

16. Riding in a Reindeer sled in Lapland, Finland

17. Riding a streetcar in New Orleans

18. Ziplining to your treehouse in Laos

19. Taking a houseboat through the Kerala, India backwaters

20. Sailing through the Galapagos Islands as the penguins swim next to you

21. Take the Jungfrau Railway to the top in Switzerland

22. Taking a brewery tour via pedicab in Austin, Texas

23. Taking a helicopter ride off of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong

24. Riding in the yearly dhow race in Lamu, Kenya

25. Taking the Wings of Tatev well-ventilated tram over Armenia

26. Skiing lanugo the Alps

27. Riding a toboggan lanugo the Wildkogel run in Austria

28. Traversing South Africa on the Blue Train

29. Taking a private plane and seeing your municipality at night

30. Riding the lanugo the Romantic Road in Germany via private tour bus

31. Taking the Chunnel from Kent, England to Pas de Calais, France

32. Circling the Arc de Triomphe in Paris in a taxi cab

33. Renting a motorbike and ride through the streets of Pai, Thailand

34. Sailing the Greek Islands

35. Driving the Ring Road virtually Iceland

36. Hiring a tutorage and melt to sail the Virgin Islands with you and your partner

37. Feeling the tomfool spray as a passenger on the Maids of the Mist underneath Niagara Falls

38. Rope swinging over the Guadalupe River outside of San Antonio

39. Riding aboard the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan between Tokyo and Kyoto

40. Viewing the Statue of Liberty for self-ruling from the Staten Island Ferry

41. Sailing lanugo the Nile in a felucca

42. Enjoying the view to the top on the Old Quebec funicular

43. Listening to Bob Marley on a catamaran as you sail virtually the Florida Keys

44. Dining on a paddle wheel trip lanugo the Mississippi River

45. Sitting in a Totora wend while paddling Lake Titicaca in Peru

46. Riding the Mountain Railway steam "Toy Train" in Darjeeling

47. Bobsledding at Lake Placid, New York

48. Renting an RV and caravanning through Alaska

49. Riding a mule lanugo into the Grand Canyon

50. Snowmobiling the trails in upstate New York

51. Riding a wild horse wideness Mongolia

52. Cruising in a archetype car lanugo a rented street

53. Taking a velocipede ride through Paris streets

54. Riding a camel virtually the Egyptian pyramids

55. Hiking wideness Switzerland

56. River Rafting Class 5 rapids in Colorado

57. Riding a Segway through the streets of New York City.

Comment unelevated with some of your favorite transportation or skillet list ideas.

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